Do you have a Spare Plan When You Travel?


 In life we should have spare for basically everything. That is just my opinion. When I plan my travels I always have a spare plan (plan B) just in case I need it.
Things not always run as smoothly as we want or planed, and a spare plan once in a while is need it. In a moment of need, if you already have that spare plan handy, it will
make your travel experience more enjoyable instead of stressful or frustrating.

Nature seems to do the same thing. I found this nest in my Trinitaria bush (Bougainvillea) in front of my house. I was trimming the bush when I found it, there was one egg.
The next day I went to check the nest and there were two eggs, but I didn't took a pic. The next day I went to check the nest again and for my surprise there were 
three eggs. Guess what? I checked again the following day, and there it was another egg for a count of four. 

To give you an update of the eggs status... Even that mama mockingbird laid 4 eggs, no even one survived some kind of predator. Few days later the nest was empty and we 
found a broken egg on the floor. :(  
Until then,

Weekly Photo Challenge: Spare

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    1. You are welcome! It is my pleasure to share every little detail of life with others. 🙂

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