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Looking for Dry Trees at Lovers Key State Park

Can you see the osprey on the top right corner?
Xamara Maisonet,,
Xamara Maisonet,,,
Xamara Maisonet,,,

Some close ups of the osprey on the top right corner of the first image. This is in Lovers Key State Park, I was looking for dry trees to photograph. These particular trees have been affected by erosion, the are dry and bleached by the sun. Eventually they will become drift wood. Both stages of the tree, dry, bleached but attached to the sand still and the driftwood that it will become later once the waves will detach the tree from the sand are beautiful natural art made by nature.

Xamara Maisonet,,,
Xamara Maisonet,,,
Xamara Maisonet,,,


The Ocean is Calling

I am doing a series of images that represent erosion for a project.

Lonely Tree

This image was taken by the road on the Florida Keys, somewhere between Marathon and Key West. When I saw this particular dry tree, I thought it was a great representation of the erosion process. If you notice, parts of its roots are already exposed. With the come and go of the waves at some point this three will be part of the ocean becoming driftwood and will navigate somewhere else.

Sexy Tree

This image was taken on the same place and same time as the first one, but different subject. On this image we can also see the process of erosion but this particular tree still alive. It still have green leaves and strong roots on the ground from the side that I took the picture. We can see in front of the tree a piece of another tree that is already dead. The ground around the tree is wet and full of dead sea weed, this is a sign of how the water comes and go with the tides and always take away some of the ground leaving the roots exposed with the time. I also wanted to take a more close up look at part of the beautiful shape and texture of this tree.

Frame Cove

This last image was taken in Long Key State Park. Looking for variety and a different perspective in this picture I took another approach. One of the things to prevent or help with erosion is with rocks and you can see this technique along the keys in some areas. In this image we can see a more wider view of the landscape. I used a dry branch to frame the cove. Still you can see in the foreground the rocks (like shields) in from of some trees, then continuing the shore line you can see some other trees that looks like giant spiders crawling slowly to the beach. Eventually they might end up in the water sometime in the future.