Making an Event of Anything

Some people take for granted the little things of life. I love to run bicycle outdoors because it gives me a chance to appreciate nature. I always carry my camera everywhere I go, specially on outdoor activities. Here is a typical Florida afternoon in October. My husband and I went for a ride. Other people are walking or biking too. There are boats on the lake moving around , some families are having a afternoon picnic at the gazebos. Parents are with their kids at the playground, and here I am stopping every few minutes to take pictures. Here are some of them.

My Ponce PR Gallery

Treat every experience like a gallery of precious moments. We went to Ponce, PR only for one day. Twenty four hours of concentrated fun for me and my husband. We sat by the pool and relax, walk at the beach, enjoyed the company of few birds and iguanas and the best part we ate like royalty.

Until then,

xamlinnette 🙂

Let’s do a Close-up at the Ordinary Things

I am a fan of details, of the things that we don’t see if we don’t pay attention to them. When we are traveling, as tourists we miss a lot of details of the wonderful places we visit because we are in a hurry or in a tight schedule. Thanks God for cameras and photography! It allowed us to look back at the pictures and notice the details that we missed.

I love this picture⬆️! Two things, the tongue and the feather on the beak. 
Funny thing about the picture above is that I was working and the guy decided to stopped in my hand to rest. I grab my iPhone with my other hand and took the picture. When I looked at it I was surprise how it looks like it’s looking at me.
This is a very tall tower, the zoom in bottom allowed me to see the monkeys and Adam and Eve.
What do you think about the droplets on this sunflower? It’s fascinating!
Check out all the things they have in this market!
The details of a door in Morocco.
My advise is to carry a camera everywhere you go, specially when you travel. You would be fascinated by the things you will discover later on when you look at your pictures. Search for those details, they are there waiting to be discover by you.
Until then,
xamlinnette 🙂
Weekly Photo Challenge: Details


Do you have a Spare Plan When You Travel?


 In life we should have spare for basically everything. That is just my opinion. When I plan my travels I always have a spare plan (plan B) just in case I need it.
Things not always run as smoothly as we want or planed, and a spare plan once in a while is need it. In a moment of need, if you already have that spare plan handy, it will
make your travel experience more enjoyable instead of stressful or frustrating.

Nature seems to do the same thing. I found this nest in my Trinitaria bush (Bougainvillea) in front of my house. I was trimming the bush when I found it, there was one egg.
The next day I went to check the nest and there were two eggs, but I didn't took a pic. The next day I went to check the nest again and for my surprise there were 
three eggs. Guess what? I checked again the following day, and there it was another egg for a count of four. 

To give you an update of the eggs status... Even that mama mockingbird laid 4 eggs, no even one survived some kind of predator. Few days later the nest was empty and we 
found a broken egg on the floor. :(  
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Weekly Photo Challenge: Spare

Weekly Photo Challenge: Dance I

Nature and its living things have always had a way of grabbing my attention. With its simplicity and perfection. It’s so awesome and so common at the same time…  I see dance here, I see a feeding dance!




In a warm afternoon, with soft winds, the noisy American Coot have their feeding dance. Spontaneous choreography  with the rhythm of hunger and instincts they entertainment  part of my afternoon.










image image image
image image image image


Until then…

xamlinnette. 🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge: Dance I