Bird Weekly Challenge, Waders

I am so excited to be able to share my birds!!! This is my first time participating, I am happy to find this challenge because I have so many pictures of birds, I love to take pictures and observed bird… I call them, my birds.

Today I will be sharing Wood Stork. I took these pictures at Sebastian Inlet, Florida on June 6 2020.

This is a response to bird weekly challenge week #3-waders

Enjoy the details of this peculiar bird.

xamlinnette 🙂


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  1. Great photos of wood storks. We’ve been to Sebastian Inlet. It has been a few years. We get to Titusville and don’t go any further south of Viera. So glad you have joined 😊

    1. Thank you! I am happy to participate and share some of my birds. I live in Kissimmee,FL so most of my bird photography is local in Central Florida (from west to east) but I carry my camera everywhere and we love to travel too. Wherever I go if a see a bird I will take a picture of it 🙂

      1. We are in Jacksonville and go all over Florida. I lived in Tampa for 22 years before living here the past 12 years. Florida birding is the best. Welcome to the challenge. Waders passed and was last week but if you get in this week for Ducks and Geese, I will add you to the weekly roundup next Friday morning. Just need to post and ping back before Thursday night. 😊

      2. Oh, I am a little confused now. I thought that the next challenge (Ducks and Geese) it was supposed to start Friday July 10.
        So I supposed to post before July 10?

      3. It’s okay. Ducks and Geese started yesterday until July 10. You can post anytime between now and then. As long as they are before I post the roundup which is between 7-8 am on Fridays. The new post on Fridays after the roundup post is for the current week. Does that make sense?

      4. Ok, so I have to wait for your weekly post to be able to create the Pingback, even if I do mine weekly post before? Right?

      5. Yes. Your pingback for waders was to the correct blog challenge but to be listed in the roundup, I would have needed your post before 6am Friday morning, 7/3. It’s fine that you did it, but we are on the new week. I post the new week by 8am on Friday with the new theme. You can read the rules on my page. So this week is Ducks and Geese which I posted on Friday on 7/3 for this week. If you would like to participate, you can write your post(s) about ducks and geese and pingback to it before Friday at 6am. I will include it in the roundup that gets posted between 7:00-7:30 am on Friday, 7/10. Then on Friday, 7/10 I will post my blog on that week, which week 5 is “Feathers of Blue”. The rules and upcoming weeks are on my Bird Weekly Page at the link.
        The list at the bottom will turn green once I post. I was late plugging in my own link this week. I forgot to do it and you actually reminded me with your questions. 🙂 Hope this answers your questions. If not, let me know.

      6. Thank you so much for the explanation, I appreciate your time. I understand now. I will be posting my ducks today!

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