Unwinding after a great success!

In my journey of life, trying to be a blogger and wishing that someday I could be a real travel writer, I have some other responsibilities than include writing and much more. I write scripts for my church, I create stories that could be a real story of our human daily life. I create stories with a message, a good message, a message of hope, of opportunities, of grace. I love what I do, I love writing these stories… but I love even more transforming these stories in animated stories. What I mean with that, is that I need to find a group of people to give life to my words. I have a team of people who believe in me and are willing to live my words on a stage. We have to practice for months to make these stories real and believable.


Since February 2014 we were working and rehearsing for the Easter presentation that already pass this past two weeks ago (4-18 and 4-20). But I was working and writing since October 2013. Now in April… 4/18 while I was sitting in front of the stage on Good Friday, and I saw how everything was running smoothly, when I saw that all the work pay off, my mind and body together all at once started to unwind little by little until the whole production was over on Sunday.


Now two weeks has passed, I feel relax and happy, with new strength to continue with the next goal for this year. Road trip 2014!!! I will be talking about it soon!!! Yeiii I am excited, This will be happening in June 2014.

Until then…

xamlinnette 🙂


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