Life Is A Travel Story

Its been almost 2 weeks since I haven’t had the time to sit and write anything of my travels stories, but I realize that everything I do is a travel story. My own travel story because life is a journey. Being a full-time employee, a full-time mom/taxi driver/chef/ everything else, a volunteer writer and director of the theater department of my church, a future wife ( in 16 days!!)fill my days of situations, encounters, joy, stress, happiness, sadness and many other feelings that travel could bring to our life.


Running against a deadline, lately my time has been compromise to my iPad, my imagination and Christmas. Every little space of time that I have on my working day I write a sentence or two. Listening to the songs over and over again to be sure my imagination grasp the essence of the message we want to send through that script.


Every year for Christmas I collaborate with the Performance Art Ministry of my church for the Christmas presentation. They pick the general idea and the songs, I write the script and put everything together with the actors. The results will be a Christmas musical where we will have dancers, musicians, singers, actors all together in a stage celebrating Christmas. Promoting the Good News!


Finally I finished the script two days ago and soon we will start the rehearsals, but first this next weekend we are going to a wedding in New York. I am pretty sure that some stories will come from that little trip.


After that the 17 of October 2014 Jorge and me (with my kids) will launch our new journey in life together. A life committed to each other. New projects will come, more stories to tell…

The 19 of October we will leave to Genoa for a 10 days cruise in the Mediterranean, so you know of what I am going to be writing in the next few months!!! 🙂


Until then,

xamlinnette 🙂






Unwinding after a great success!

In my journey of life, trying to be a blogger and wishing that someday I could be a real travel writer, I have some other responsibilities than include writing and much more. I write scripts for my church, I create stories that could be a real story of our human daily life. I create stories with a message, a good message, a message of hope, of opportunities, of grace. I love what I do, I love writing these stories… but I love even more transforming these stories in animated stories. What I mean with that, is that I need to find a group of people to give life to my words. I have a team of people who believe in me and are willing to live my words on a stage. We have to practice for months to make these stories real and believable.


Since February 2014 we were working and rehearsing for the Easter presentation that already pass this past two weeks ago (4-18 and 4-20). But I was working and writing since October 2013. Now in April… 4/18 while I was sitting in front of the stage on Good Friday, and I saw how everything was running smoothly, when I saw that all the work pay off, my mind and body together all at once started to unwind little by little until the whole production was over on Sunday.


Now two weeks has passed, I feel relax and happy, with new strength to continue with the next goal for this year. Road trip 2014!!! I will be talking about it soon!!! Yeiii I am excited, This will be happening in June 2014.

Until then…

xamlinnette 🙂


I will like to invite you to my page I just staring this journey of dreams, travel, writing and exploring my surroundings. I will love for you to be part of it.  That is why I called it Travel my stories, I want that you travel with me and that way both can get inspired. My goal is enjoy life to the fullest even with the routine trying to eat us alive, the responsibilities piling behind us. I think that taking time to dream and travel is important to have a balance life. I am inspired! I want to inspired you too. That doesn’t mean that everything is going to be perfect but it means that we can enjoy the miracle of been alive and cherish the beauty of this world, the different cultures, the different people. Life is a journey, come and Travelmystories with me!

I also have another page, if you speak Spanish, you will enjoy it more… it’s all in Spanish .  Detallitos y Un Pasaje A Mis Historias de Viajes

Thank you for all the support you can give me in this journey.  This is just the beginning…


xamlinnette 🙂

Writing and my surroundings


The day is vanishing away , while I sit and meditate of what I want to write today. While sitting in my screen balcony that face the parking lot, with my hands on the key board, waiting for the right thoughts to flush over me, I can hear the electrical fence opening and closing every time somebody returns home. Again, I try to focus, but its getting dark, even though the sky still have some blue mix with some red-orange clouds, my porch is in need of some illumination. I stand up and turn on a string of lights that hangs in the left wall of my balcony. In reality they don’t give much light, but I like them because it gives me a felling of romantic outdoor moment, that’s until I hear a car speed up, making a louder noise than the other travelers that pass by my condominium. That takes me back to the reality, that my iPad screen still empty.

I sit back on my patio chair to think and refocus, while I laid back, it feels pretty comfortable even though the cushions tends to falls between the spaces of the base. Now it’s getting darker and a little bit more “quiet”, what I mean, is that at this moment the neighbor that was on the phone almost in front of my apartment, left, so my thoughts don’t have to compete with his conversation anymore. While the darkness settles, the temperature its at its best, I can see the palm in front of my porch, slightly moving its wide branch, softly. The trees across the parking lot are also having their own slow dance with the melody of the wind, so soft that they are barely moving, you wont notice unless you pay attention.

Going back to my business, now the only bright light in my porch is coming from my iPad. Beside the sound of my fingers against the key board, the cars coming in and out, the traffic passing by the avenue, the loud music from a distant car, I can hear the engines from some airplanes trying to make their way to the airport that its close by. After an hour out here, all the sounds are mixed like one big soothing song. I am writing despite of everything that is happening around me until I hear that peculiar and specific text message tone that I assign to my Jorge, suddenly the soothing song breaks up again in different sounds, too many now to over come, thanks God I finished with my writing, I going inside now, lay on my bed and answer my loves text.

xamlinnette 🙂

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