That Great Moment in Your Vacation


After a few days into our trip, we needed time to wind down, relax and enjoy the nicest thing the city offers: the view from up high! However, as first time tourists in Lisbon, we didn’t want to waste any time. We were eager to explore every corner, cobblestone passages, steep hills and narrow streets of the city. Wherever we looked there were sights calling our names for a visit. The culture (cathedrals), history (monuments), incredible neighborhoods (barrios) with shops, restaurants and more kept our itinerary full. It was the middle of the day, and we were exhausted already.


We took the elevator at the Santa Lift, a famous icon of Lisbon. At the top, we breathed in the amazing orange terra-cotta view mixed in with the river, the Sao Jorge Castle, the square plazas, the people, the cathedral. After taking all that in, we were ready to exhale it all out with picture time. Exiting through the upper level, there is a restaurant, “Bellalissa Elevator Restorante”. A waiter offered us a drink, before we could say no, the gentle breeze invited us to sit. Suddenly we had a beer in one hand, a smile in our faces and lots of “likes” of our FB pictures that we downloaded at that moment. They had wifi! What a great moment on our vacation – relaxed, connected with the world and feeling like home! When we realized the time, a few hours had passed. This is really what vacation is all about.


xamlinnette 🙂






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