Saturday, with Teenagers at Cocoa

Sometimes my over exaggerated emotions of wanting to see the world and go traveling make me forget how wonderful is the place I live. Other people dream of comming here to Florida. Could be Mickie Mouse, could be the beaches or even could be the wonderful weather all year around.

Today I decided to enjoy home! Cocoa beach is one hour drive from my house. With my flip-flops, sun glasses, a book and my camera I was ready to go. On my way I was…windows down, the wind messing my hair, and the music…. THE MUSIC! Oh, did I mention that I also brought 4 teenager girls with me? Oh boy! Ok so follow me on this! I am going to say it again… THE MUSIC! THE LOUD (not necesarly my style) MUSIC! LOL What I can say?!

Thanks God that I liked most of the songs and I was able to even dance while driving! jaja! Even though my daughter looked at my with a ” Really!!?” face on her. ๐Ÿ™‚

It turn out to be a nice day, springbreakers from up north having fun and locals too. The sun kissed me on my shoulders and I was able to play with my camera while the girls played with the cold water.

Thank You Florida!

Here are some picture of our day!













xamlinnette ๐Ÿ™‚


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