How people celebrate Christmas Eve in Fort Lauderdale?

Come take a look! I was walking Christmas Eve afternoon around Fort Lauderdale beach and found that plenty of people like to hang at the beach during the holiday. The restaurants and bars were full, the walkway by the side of the beach was embracing the different characters that were just hanging there and the beach was happy that people considered it as a choice to spend the day. Let’s take a look.

image-3    image-1image-5image-6image-8image-11image-12

Taking a picture is part of the fun when you are out in a place. Taking pictures is a part of the every day life for us. People love to document what they do, they love to share it to! 😉

Like all these people I was there too and taking pictures. But I wanted to see them, having fun and enjoying life!


Until them,



Bird Fun, Fun Bird, Fun Shots

Ahhh the sun, the beach, the wildlife and my camera! A fun beach day won’t be complete without my camera. Diligently I am always in the look out for spontaneous and common moments that bring joy to my relax day. Some snowy egrets were close by me, and I could help my self, and I got my camera out.

Let me share one of my “fun moment” at the beach taking pictures of these cuties. I found them funny with their yellow feet and their rock and roll “hair” look.
Here you can see they are like soldiers waiting for a command, but in reality they are waiting for some fish that a boy is getting for them from his fishing net.
I love this picture, it’s so funny to my how he is so concentrated waiting for a fish. And what about his hair! It looks like he iron it.
Check out the close up. It’s so lean and narrow. Yellow eyes and long hair with a long black beak, what a guy!
More cool shots of my model of the day.
And it left. But I took a curious video of one of them trying to catch some food and it looks like it was dancing with the waves.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fun!
Until then,
xamlinnette 🙂

Our Little Adventure at Little Talbot Island State Park

 When we think of the word adventure we might think of an extraordinary experience that have to be plan. Maybe we think that going in an adventure is something very expensive. Sometimes you might think that you have a boring life because you don’t have time or the money to go in an adventure. 

An adventure could take some many shapes and forms, all depend on you. An adventure doesn’t have to be big, or expensive or super plan. An adventure is anything that takes you out of your comfort zone, of your routine and put you in a place and position that you are doing something different. Could be for few hours only, or could be close to home… Also could be in the other side of the planet and would last 2 weeks, or more. If you ask me I would take the adventure on the other side of the world and please that last more than a month. But I can’t do that kind of adventure to often, at least no more than I want. I learned to have little adventures, weekends adventures, Saturday adventures.
Check out our little adventure in Jacksonville FL (close to home) ,during a Saturday afternoon.
Until then,
xamlinnette 🙂

Playa Linda, Central Florida Beach

Pretty Beach! That’s the name in English, but this past Memorial weekend it was only pretty to see from shore. All Florida East Coast had a warning issue for rough waves and a rip current alert. Despite the alerts people still got in the water.



In the other hand I decided to listen to the warnings and stayed dry but enjoying the sounds of the waves. While been kissed by the sun I studied a little of my travel agent work book, took some pics and even I was forced by my eyes to take a quick nap while I was trying to read.






One of the many perks of living in Central Florida is all the beaches we have in a relatively short distance and even I couldn’t enjoy the water this time it will be plenty of time for me to do it. 

It is always better to listen the advises and warnings that are issued by the weather authorities. Unfortunately I heard this morning that three people were drowned during this Memorial Weekend because of the rip currents. It’s not worth it the risk! There always going to be another day to enjoy the beach without any issues.

If someday you want a vacation in Florida let me know! I can help you book any kind of vacation you want here, from Magical (Disney) to a simple get-away weekend!

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xamlinnette 🙂








New Year’s Eve 2014 At Daytona Beach


Here are some pics of our last day of 2014 at Daytona Beach Florida.








At Main St.



I always wanted to say good-bye to a year from the beach. The weather didn’t want to cooperate, but at the end we did had the fireworks.

We saw little families like ours standing on the sand waiting all together the 2015. We saw random youth together, couples, single people alone, few people in bicycle… We all were waiting for a new beginning called 2015. What you did for New Year’s Eve?

Until then,

xamlinnette 🙂