Enjoying The Beauty Of Life

Learning to enjoy the beauty of life wherever we are, wherever we go. I love traveling, I wish I could do it full time. But that is not the case, I work 5 days a week, full time… so I have to make the best of what I have. I live in Florida, then I enjoy Florida at the maximum, I enjoy it with the ones I love. I enjoy so much to be outside, and if you know a little bit of me you know I love the beach. I don’t get tired of going, listening to the waves come and go and the breeze make me forget that I have a full time job, or responsibilities. Is a way of escaping for few hours, I feel like a tourist at home.









Even though I can’t travel full time, I do take vacation often with a purpose! This next Thursday, me and my family are going to do a road trip up north driving from Florida, and hoping to get to the Niagara Falls. I will be posting during our two weeks trip. Don’t miss it. First destination; Washington DC!

Well in the mind time I will leave you with a funny video of some crabby business…


Before we left the beach…


Simple Pleasures!

Once in a while I take half day of my work off to spend sometime with my Jorge. Jorge is a pilot and his working hours are all over the place, every month is different. We have some great months where his days off are compatible with mine (Saturday and Sunday). But there are other months that nothing match in our schedules, when I am working, he is off, when he is working, I am off… So some times we have to make the time! That was the case of Wednesday 4/23/14. I took 1/2 day off for us to go to the beach in the afternoon. I was excited thinking that the beach was going to be empty, not too many people, plenty of free parking. Awww the simple pleasures! You know, must people are working in the middle of the week, right?


It is funny how after more than 8 months of not going to the beach we basically forgot a lot of things that we were needing at the beach. We wanted to be a simple trip to the beach, some drinks, maybe a bag of chips… and the Beach! Well when we got to Cocoa we realize that we didn’t buy a beach umbrella that was on our list when we stop to buy the ice. So how convenient it is, that in the area that we like to park, (because of the free parking they offer by Ron Jon and Cocoa Beach Surf Shop) we can buy our beach umbrella, maybe a little bit more expensive than Wal-Mart, but oh well…

We start going around through the parking lot to find a free parking and then go to the store. Unfortunately we couldn’t find any free parking available. I didn’t understand! Why there were so many people at the beach on a Wednesday? After few minutes we decided to pay the $10 parking, we didn’t have any quarters for the parking with meters. “But it’s ok” we tought, “the most important thing is that we are here! At the beach!” “Lets get the umbrella and to the beach!!”



After we got our cute colorful umbrella we settle our things down, we were ready, and then we realize that we didn’t bring any towels… Oh boy! Thanks God for the good spirit in us that we didn’t care. We decided to stick with the simple pleasures of our little trip on a Wednesday afternoon. We had a great time and I have some proof of that! 🙂




Until then…

xamlinnette 🙂


Saturday, with Teenagers at Cocoa

Sometimes my over exaggerated emotions of wanting to see the world and go traveling make me forget how wonderful is the place I live. Other people dream of comming here to Florida. Could be Mickie Mouse, could be the beaches or even could be the wonderful weather all year around.

Today I decided to enjoy home! Cocoa beach is one hour drive from my house. With my flip-flops, sun glasses, a book and my camera I was ready to go. On my way I was…windows down, the wind messing my hair, and the music…. THE MUSIC! Oh, did I mention that I also brought 4 teenager girls with me? Oh boy! Ok so follow me on this! I am going to say it again… THE MUSIC! THE LOUD (not necesarly my style) MUSIC! LOL What I can say?!

Thanks God that I liked most of the songs and I was able to even dance while driving! jaja! Even though my daughter looked at my with a ” Really!!?” face on her. 🙂

It turn out to be a nice day, springbreakers from up north having fun and locals too. The sun kissed me on my shoulders and I was able to play with my camera while the girls played with the cold water.

Thank You Florida!

Here are some picture of our day!













xamlinnette 🙂