My Own Paradise

Its been months without traveling. Busy with the Easter play that was taking all my time and the little time that I had left I was unpacking and working in my new house. I didn’t want to have this two events at the same time but sometimes things just get out of my control. After two intense weeks this past Saturday I was able to have some peace and enjoyment on my own paradise.



By the way the Easter play was a wonderful success! We touch many hearts with a very deep subject “depression” and how there is hope! If you can understand Spanish I encourage you to visit our church website and see it online it will be post it until 4/11/15


Until then!

xamlinnette 🙂


At The Park With A Purpose



Every year about this time I am getting ready for our Easter play. You know I love writing, and I super love travel writing even if is from places close to home(Orlando, Florida!) But at this time of year is hard for me to keep up with my travel writing.

I also write scripts and direct the theater group at my church. As you can imagine, this keep me so busy that I don’t have time to do my writing hobby. But still I get a great satisfaction directing our plays and working with good people. One of the things I like to do, are interactive presentations between life performance and videos. So on our presentation day we will present life acting and videos in between.

Well, today we recorded our first video for our Easter play. We were so blessed to have a beautiful day at the park with a crispy cool look. The day looked radiant, the flowers bright and full of color. The whole enviroment looked clean and fresh, very inviting to be outdoors.




I am extremely bless to be able to work with a great team of committed people who on a Saturday are recording thing for the presentation.

Even that we are working we like to have fun while doing it. Some of us felt like important models so we did like a pretend photo shoot.







Thanks God for Florida weather and thanks God, Florida is so beautiful that makes it easy to work on a Saturday. 🙂

If you in Orlando Florida area and you are looking for a nice, inspiring park I will recommend Cypress Grove Park. Is a great place to spend the day, for weddings, picnics or just a simple hang out with the girls day, or play sports with the guys or a romantic walk through the woods…

Until then,

xamlinnette 🙂














Unwinding after a great success!

In my journey of life, trying to be a blogger and wishing that someday I could be a real travel writer, I have some other responsibilities than include writing and much more. I write scripts for my church, I create stories that could be a real story of our human daily life. I create stories with a message, a good message, a message of hope, of opportunities, of grace. I love what I do, I love writing these stories… but I love even more transforming these stories in animated stories. What I mean with that, is that I need to find a group of people to give life to my words. I have a team of people who believe in me and are willing to live my words on a stage. We have to practice for months to make these stories real and believable.


Since February 2014 we were working and rehearsing for the Easter presentation that already pass this past two weeks ago (4-18 and 4-20). But I was working and writing since October 2013. Now in April… 4/18 while I was sitting in front of the stage on Good Friday, and I saw how everything was running smoothly, when I saw that all the work pay off, my mind and body together all at once started to unwind little by little until the whole production was over on Sunday.


Now two weeks has passed, I feel relax and happy, with new strength to continue with the next goal for this year. Road trip 2014!!! I will be talking about it soon!!! Yeiii I am excited, This will be happening in June 2014.

Until then…

xamlinnette 🙂