Montmorency Falls

The power of water rolling through anything that comes on their way… and when there is not more way, it just falls.

My admiration for nature and the majestic beauty of our planet increase when I have a closer encounter with breathtaking moments like the one we had on our visit to the Montmorency Falls. Everything stop all around me, when the only thing I could do is breath and focus on the power of nature, that power that we don’t have any control of. So, I surrender and just stayed there admiring that great moment of power and beauty all at once.

Some facts about Montmorency Falls:

>Is located in Quebec, Canada

>About 8 miles from Old Quebec City

 >275 feet high and 150 feet wide

>98 feet higher than Niagara Falls

Then we decided to admire the animated view from the top! We went up the stairs!!! Literally breathtaking!! It’s really challenging going up the stairs. Few steps up and we had to stop to rest, but we preferred to say that it was because we were enjoying every minute of the trip up the mountain, this was repeated over and over again until we reached the top. For those that can’t go up for any reason, there is another option to get to the top. They have an aerial tram (Funitel) that carries passengers between the base to the top of the falls, where there is a restaurant.

From the Top!

At the restaurant you can take a break, have a nice drink and enjoy it with a meal or just have a dessert, which is what we did!

Now lets go back down…
Please check the amazing videos below, its absolutely awesome!

Until then…

xamlinnette 🙂


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