imageReady to feel the presence of the Niagara Falls!

It was a jubilant moment been able to cross that item (Niagara Falls) from my bucket list. What could me more happy and joyful that to enjoy life doing the things you love the most. For me, travel, nature, culture and been able to see the beauty of life with my own eyes.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Jubilant

Until then,

xamlinnette 🙂

Half Light

On our way back to US driving from Canada to New York State we cross the St Lawrence River.  That area is called Thousand Islands because of the small islands in that area of the river. We stopped at Hill Island before crossing the border. We got tickets to go up on an elevator of a tower. When you are on the very top of the tower, you will have a magnificent view of the islands. On the side of the tower, where I took this picture there was only half-light that gave us beautiful glow on the distance.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Half Light

Until then,

xamlinnette 🙂

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