Evora, Another View Of Portugal: Part 2

With our tummies full, we kept going against the time, running our eyes between the maps and the cellphone to keep track of the time. We walked through narrow streets, with small shops to the right and left of the road. Every small shop had merchandise overflowing to the sidewalks, and vendors were trying to meet your eyes to get your attention, so they could sell you a souvenir or two.

Suddenly out of nowhere my eyes met with something that seems not to be part of that region. Even though I knew we were going to see this landmark in Évora, it was more impressive seeing it in front of me, it looked bigger and for a moment I felt that we were in other country… maybe Rome or Greece… But no, we were in the right place Évora! This was The Roman Temple of Évora! Also referred to as the Templo de Dianna ( the ancient Roman goddess of the moon, the hunt and chastity). Don’t take my word for it, see for yourself how huge is this ruin. By the way that day was a beautiful day to be outside, the clouds adorn the sky so nicely. It looked like freshly paint white clouds over a soft but intense blue. See the pictures below.


wpid-Photo-Oct-17-2013-831-AM.jpg wpid-Photo-Oct-17-2013-830-AM.jpg wpid-Photo-Oct-17-2013-131-PM.jpg wpid-Photo-Oct-17-2013-828-AM.jpg wpid-Photo-Oct-17-2013-1020-AM.jpg wpid-Photo-Oct-17-2013-929-AM.jpg wpid-Photo-Oct-17-2013-929-AM.jpg wpid-Photo-Oct-17-2013-1009-AM.jpg wpid-Photo-Oct-17-2013-1009-AM.jpg wpid-Photo-Oct-17-2013-957-AM.jpg wpid-Photo-Oct-17-2013-940-AM.jpg wpid-Photo-Oct-17-2013-940-AM.jpg wpid-Photo-Oct-17-2013-939-AM.jpg wpid-Photo-Oct-17-2013-210-PM.jpg wpid-Photo-Oct-17-2013-321-PM.jpg wpid-Photo-Oct-17-2013-940-AM.jpg

Next we encounter the famous Évora´s Cathedral. Impressive in the inside, with abundant of monuments, Saints, astonish chandeliers, elegant gold altar and all kinds of detail christian art on the walls and more. Then we went up the stairs to the rooftop, at that point we were so tired of walking and going up the stairs, to be honest, we were tired also of seen so much religious monuments… we were overwhelmed with the exuberant amount of religious decor, so at the rooftop we took a break. That gave us the opportunity to enjoy the incredible view. That included lots of orange brick rooftops and  an old aqueduct that is another of Evora’s landmark that we only were able to see from the distance. Once again picture time! Featuring a picturesque sky and a cathedral that looks like a castle. Then once again we went down stairs to an inside garden.

There were many other landmarks and attractions that the time didn’t allow us to see. We walk back to the train station, there we sat for few minutes while enjoying some snacks, thinking all the walking that we still have ahead of us once we get back to Lisbon to the Entrecampos train station. From the Entrecampos station to our hotel was 30 more minutes… Oh well sure a day full of exercise, then the train arrived and we left.

Until then…

xamlinnette 🙂


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  1. We stayed in Evora for a couple of nights and I loved the evening atmosphere, but it was late in the year and the weather cool and prone to rain. Didn’t make it onto the roof so thanks for sharing those photos. 🙂

    1. We didn’t stay overnight, I bet was beautiful! Thank you for you comment!! 🙂

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