An Important Number During Our Honeymoon

We took a MSC cruise on the Mediterranean for our honeymoon. Ge got our own table(723)for our 10 days cruise and Luiza was our server all the time. At the end of our trip we loved Luiza and it was sad to say goodbye. We learned a little bit about her and why she was doing that job. She is a single mom and her mom take care of her daughter so she can provide for them. The way she talked about her daughter was so inspiring and full of emotions and sadness because of the distant between them.
When I reflect on things like this, I have to recognize how bless I am. Also makes me think more reasons for loving travel. When you travel you have the opportunity to meet amazing people, with different cultures but with the same needs that we all have.ย 
Get inspired to travel, balance your life with amazing experiences, and find a number in your travels that will inspire a whole new story. ๐Ÿ˜‰
7 Pipes

Juanito and his number 2 shirt.
One Mosque in Morroco
Lisbon: One 25 Abril bridge.
Many people walking the street of Genoa, Italy.
Just the 2 of us! Genoa, Italy.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Numbers
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Weekly Photo Challenge: Time

Ruins are the survivors, the evidence that time has passed. We’ll only be here for a while to see them, time doesn’t have mercy with us…

Evora, Portugal

Weekly Photo Challenge: Time

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Can you Identify with a Scenario like This one?

I am passionate about travel, I love the idea of exploring a new place. I like to do it on my own, without restrictions or been attach to other people schedules. That is why two years ago when my husband and me went to Portugal for the first time, I wanted for us to have an adventure. I did all the research that I thought it was needed for us to go on our own to Lisbon, Portugal. Also I thought that because we were traveling with a budget we had to do everything ourselves, that way we could save some money. Can you identify with a scenario like this one?

Well we had a great time, I am not going to deny it. And definitely was an adventure but because we didn’t know so many things we lost so much time trying to figure out simple things. It is incredible how after so much research, once we were there still there was so much I didn’t know or was prepared for it.

Now two years later has pass, and now I am a travel agent/counselor and still I love to travel on my own schedule and I still like to explore on my own. But in my process of learning the travel industry so I can help and serve my clients better, I have been researching and study many suppliers. In that learning mode process I found Monograms. When I first saw their promotion video I almost die of laughter when I saw myself and Jorge on the video, it was like us in Lisbon, Portugal. Here it is their video…


After you see it you will understand why I laugh so much and why I think Monogram is a great choice for people like me and Jorge that have a ” Dora the Explorer Spirit” but still want to know what we are doing, we still like to have things under control and we want to use our time of our vacation wisely because is limited and precious. The best part of Monogram is that you don’t have to be attached to nobody schedule but yours only. Check out the video and then let me know if you can identify with a scenario like this?

For ย more information you always can contact me!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Gone But Not Forgotten


So many things were left behind on this earth by many other people, civilizations, communities and more from the past. They are gone, but never forgotten. They are our history, our past. They are part of who we are now. They left temples, ruins, monuments, arts, knowledge and more, that guide us through life about what they learned and discovered , so we can continue the journey of life on this earth not completely “clueless”.


These Roman ruins are in ร‰vora, Portugal. Is the Temple of Diana, that dates back to the 2nd century AD when ร‰vora was an important Roman military outpost in Portugal.


This pictures were taken on October of last year when we visited Portugal for the first time.

Gone But Not Forgotten

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