Malaga Tour, La Finca de Juanito

We left the city behind and a brown mountain receives us with friendly smiles. The day was sunny and hot, while getting closer to the rural area, its imposible not remembering my Puerto Rico (PR). Even though the mountains are not lushes green like in PR, still they are mountains and I am on lack of them, living now for 18 years on my beautiful but flat Florida. Still there are more things that remind me about Puerto Rico. There are this concrete houses, here and there blended with the mountains just like in my little island. This make me wonder about the 400 years of Spain influence in my country, definitely stronger than the 116 years of American influence. But the American influence it’s making its way in, that is for sure and another that’s another subject to talk in another time.

We made it to Juanito’s Finca and the owner himself received us and walked us throughout ht his citrus farm “Finca”. He talk to us about the different oranges, limes, lemons and other fruits that they grow at the farm.












Juanito happily grabbed a fruit, ask the crowd if we knew what it was and after, he cut it in half, and he would tell us the specific name of the orange. Then with his worker’s hands and a knife that he uses to point things out, cuts the orange in pieces and give a piece to everyone that wants to try it. Juanito’s assistance also help giving pieces away with a humble smile in his face.

Later on, they concluded our tour treating us with some Spanish appetizers and fresh orange juice.



The strong flavor of the olives made my face to wrinkle, still I ate two of them. I couldn’t eat more than that. Now, the sweet flavor of the Orange juice put a wrinkle free smile on my face. After we finished with the appetizers and a bathroom break, we kept our tour to the town of Álora and later to visit “El Caminito del Rey and a water reservoir “Presa Conde de Guadalhorce”.

Until then,

xamlinnette 🙂


















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