Álora, El Caminito del Rey and the Water Reservoir


To have a small taste of a typical Malaga town we visited for a little while the town of Álora. Dressed in white, Álora is sitting between mountains but still the heat could be severe and to keep herself a little bit cooler its dresses in white.

We arrived there around 2pm. The whole town was taking a break so there were no business open until 4pm. This is typical in small towns.



Él Caminito del Rey

After leaving the town of Álora we kept going deep in the mountains, passing by the “El Caminito del Rey”(The King Little Pathway). This is a concrete pathway trail that King Alfonso XIII once crossed to inaugurate the Conde del Guadalhorce water reservoir and since then its been called like that.. Now days people who like climbing could explore El Chorro Gore where this pathway is, but its a very dangerous one.


Water Reservoir “Presa Conde de Guadalhorce”

We keep going deeper and deeper in the mountain, which felt like a never-ending dangerous curve street with very inspiring views. Thanks God our driver maneuver well the dangerous road. Sometimes I caught myself praying to God that our huge bus had wings and fly to our destination. Once there we rush the beauty through our eyes and camera because we only had like twenty minutes to take it all in.




After a photo shoot session, ice cream for me, coffee for Jorge and 10 minutes of wifi, we left the hidden gem. All back at the bus we kept admiring the view and the Malaga history that our tour guide was teaching us until we were back at the cruise.









Until then,

xamlinnette 🙂



















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