Málaga, Spain My First Impression




There are so many things that I could talk about Malaga and our 5 hour experience in town. But first I want to share my first impression, in other posts I will talk about our tour and the places we visited.

As you can see in the pictures above, the port looks clean and inviting. And that’s the way it kept looking as we went in and through the city in our bus tour. Looking through the window for a moment I regret not staying around and explore the city on our own.






Picture taken behind my bus tour window

Our tour took us out of the city to a rural area, which I will talk more about it later. Everywhere we looked in general had a nice city look, full of life and with so much to offer. I looked through the bus glass window with a sun-ray blinding one of my eye. Fountain pouring it’s crystal water, people crossing the street while looking up to the mountain looking at the moorish castle, streets clean and I don’t know how may trees wave goodbye at us while we pass by the Botanical Garden. All this and more means we’ll have a good excuse to come back to Malaga someday.

Something we learn is that the city is warmer than we expect it. Malaga and all the Costa del Sol towns are like Florida to United States. All people from the North come during cold weather because is always sunny and warm.

We learn that Picasso was born here in Malaga and later moved to France where he lived the rest of his life. Now thanks to a grandson and daughter in law, Malaga have a collection of Picasso’s work in his home town. People that love art and museums will have agreat time in Malaga, there are plenty of museums including a Picasso museum.

So, I guess knowing a city for the first time is like meeting somebody for the first time. That first impression could make you want to know more about this “person” or city or it could make you want to run away the other way. I know is not fair to make a conclusion of nobody or any place until you give it a chance to know more about it. But for sure a good first impression could be inviting, refreshing and leaving you with desires of knowing and learning more. This is what happend to me when I start seeing the city and our tour guide was telling us so many great information about it while traveling through and out of the main city with a destination to our first stop “La Finca de Juanito”.

Until then,

xamlinnette 🙂












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