Leaving Genoa

Once on board we enjoyed a welcome lunch and a little after that we were exploring our flouting city. At 4:15 we did our safety drill. Is incredible how always we found a stupid drunk person making a fool of himself during an important safety procedure. (Oh Well, maybe not always… But we can find all kind of people in important situations making fool of themselves :/ )




We left Genoa around 5pm. We joined a large group of people on deck 13 to say goodbye to the Italian port.




Look my hair!



Our first night was great! We enjoyed so much the evening show. It’s incredible how the show director introduce the show and talked to the public in five different languages. One of the things that has been most impressive for us is how almost all the crew knows at least three languages.

Dinner was really good and different, we were begging to have a table for two and we got it. Our waiter was really nice, she is from Bulgaria and I forgot her name… I will learned it today, I have to, we will be seen her for the next 10 days. 🙂





Coast of France





Until then,

xamLinnette 🙂























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