Learn A Little Bit More About My Daughter’s Mission Trip


In the past months I been asking for donations for my daugter’s mission trip that will happen in July of this year. Thanks God we are very close to the goal of $1500. I know we will meet the amount, I am very thankful for all those that believe in this kind of programs that enrich young people lives as well a community in need.

My daughter is a 15-year-old normal teenager, that wants to serve God and help people in need. We are lucky enough or I should say bless to have a very active youth in our church. Every summer they go to different countries to serve, help and spread the word of God. This year wasn’t any different, just for me as a mom. My daughter wanted to be part of this and now I realize how important is this, not only for the community that will get help but also is important and beneficial for all those young people. This experience will change their lives, they will learn to be more thankful, more compassionate, better human beings. They will understand the need of other, this society where we are living needs young people who care, young people who learn to change this world with act of kindness. There is too much evil in this society, we have so many young people walking in the wrong direction, selfish, self-destructive, hard-hearted. That is why sending this kids to different places to spread hope, give to others, is a win-win situation. Its beneficial in all possible ways.

That is why I support her in this journey, that is why I ask you to help me. It is incredible to think that if everybody that I know and everybody that has access to my social medias (around 9 thousand people) helped with $1.oo dollar each, we would have been able to raise money for her and sponsor like 6 to 7 kids… Oh well maybe for next year? 🙂

But if you want to help we still have some time, there is two groups leaving on June and two other groups leaving in July


Youth With A Mission

Youth with a Mission (YWAM) is the organization which they are going to be working on. There are YWAM bases located around the world, my daughter in particularly will be going to the base in St. Lucia. The young missionaries will be doing a variety of things such as construction work, street evangelism, church and school outreach, and vacation bible school. For more information you may visit their website for St. Lucia http://ywamsl.org/


Thank you so much for your support, I encourage you to check out the link and keep my daughter and her team in your prayers and thoughts.

Until then…

xamlinnette 🙂



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