Évora Another view of Portugal: Part 1

After traveling one hour and 45 minutes in train we got to the train station of Évora. We walk out, look everywhere and once again we didn’t know where to go. Even though I did my research apparently wasn’t enough. First I try to find out which method it was better to get to Évora from Lisbon and after reading differents forums and opinions, we decide to take the train, but in any of my readings said anything of walking 30 minutes to the city walls or that we supposed to take a taxi or something like that. The train station its outside of the city walls of Évora, with the simple offline map that I had on my phone, we try to make our way to the city which took us about 30 minutes walking. Finding our way around the city was harder for us than when we went to Sintra. It was important for us to know exactly the walking time because there was only one train to go back to Lisbon, we already had the tickets and we wanted to be sure we were not going to missed the train.

After wandering around through the street of Évora for 30 minutes and trying to understand the puzzle of our simple map we encounter our first attraction “Igreja de São Francisco”. What make this church so… interesting is the small chapel that is by it…”Capela dos Ossos”. Check this out and you will understand why…

Well I think I made my point. This small chapel has more than 5,000 humans bones!


Then, after enjoying the holy creepiness we had an outdoor lovely lunch to gain some strength and continue our exploring day.





Check out the part 2, I will share the rest of our day in Evora.  Until then…

xamlinnette 🙂









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