Enchanted by Castles Part 3

With our tummies full and us rested it, was time for us to continue our last adventure of the day. It was our time to conquer the Romanticist 19th Century Palace. Above Sintra, sitting in a top of a hill, the colored Palace not only was sitting with majesty but also its humble by the beauty of the park that surrounds the Palace. 20131111-182156.jpg

Just looking around I can imagine so many scenarios of those time, like coming in my horse, dress with a huge dress, tight on the top, taking my breathed away. The dress had to be long and big from the waist down.  Then, we can add a touch with white delicate long gloves and a large hair do with tight curls and a hat. Ahhhh life in the past!

We wanted to see the outside of the castle first, the view was mix with low clouds that came for a visit, making the ambience cool and comfortable. At the distance you can see the arabic ruins that we left behind earlier. The cool breeze gave me a feel of freedom and literally I felt free! Of course I was vacationing and knowing that I was investing my time in such amazing experience that involved exercise, history, culture, beauty and time travel!!  Oh yes, I felt free… Well 20131111-182325.jpg





I just dont know what they where thinking when they decide that this was a nice option for a window… Oh boy!


Indoor patio

If the outside make you wonder… Wait to see the inside, the furniture, the indoor patios…
















When we finished exploring every corner that was allowed to be explored the only thing that was crossing our minds was all the events that we had to go through to go back to the hotel.  The 434 bus, the 35 minutes train ride, the 30 minutes walk up hill the Avenida Liberdade. At that time was already half of the night and still we were needing to get dinner and sleep to repeat all the process all over again because the next day we were going back to Sintra.  Still at 3 more palaces that we wanted to see.  Actually there were more, but we didn’t have the time to see everything.

In part 4, I will share with you how easy was for us the next day, a little bit of knowledge can make the difference. I will talk about The National Palace of Sintra and maybe about Quinta da Regaleira.  I think I might have to do a part 5, I don’t want to overwhelm you with so many pictures and videos. Its better a little bit at a time. Ok… Until then…

xamlinnette 🙂


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