Dinner with Awe

Beautiful view from our table at Ray’s Waterfront Restaurant.  Even the window frame looks good on this picture!  It was our first day in Seward and we were so excited to be there.  We traveled on train for four hours from Anchorage, after arriving we went first to our hotel, settle our things and went to explore. Between photos, fresh air and so much laghter our tummies gave the announcement of hunger. We got to Ray’s Waterfront and got a perfect frame pic and also we ate halibut for the first time.  Little moments like this one are the ones that makes traveling so amazing!

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xamlinnette 🙂

Stay tune for more of Alaska and the adventures we had on this vacation. At this very moment we are heading back home.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Frame 

At The Park With A Purpose



Every year about this time I am getting ready for our Easter play. You know I love writing, and I super love travel writing even if is from places close to home(Orlando, Florida!) But at this time of year is hard for me to keep up with my travel writing.

I also write scripts and direct the theater group at my church. As you can imagine, this keep me so busy that I don’t have time to do my writing hobby. But still I get a great satisfaction directing our plays and working with good people. One of the things I like to do, are interactive presentations between life performance and videos. So on our presentation day we will present life acting and videos in between.

Well, today we recorded our first video for our Easter play. We were so blessed to have a beautiful day at the park with a crispy cool look. The day looked radiant, the flowers bright and full of color. The whole enviroment looked clean and fresh, very inviting to be outdoors.




I am extremely bless to be able to work with a great team of committed people who on a Saturday are recording thing for the presentation.

Even that we are working we like to have fun while doing it. Some of us felt like important models so we did like a pretend photo shoot.







Thanks God for Florida weather and thanks God, Florida is so beautiful that makes it easy to work on a Saturday. 🙂

If you in Orlando Florida area and you are looking for a nice, inspiring park I will recommend Cypress Grove Park. Is a great place to spend the day, for weddings, picnics or just a simple hang out with the girls day, or play sports with the guys or a romantic walk through the woods…

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xamlinnette 🙂














Outdoor Market in Cassis, France


Situated around 13 miles east of Marseille,Cassis is a picturesque fishing town. A small village full of color and life. It’s surrounded by huge mountains that forms risks called “calanques”. Intense blue color of water kisses the rocky/sandy beach.




Besides all the beauty that you can enjoy and absorb while visiting this cute village, if you go on Wednesday or Friday from 8am – 1pm you can also shop for a local treat.





The out-door market will be waiting for you. Full of color, sweet treats, spices, olives, scarves, shoes, and much more. You can also sit and enjoy a coffee by the harbor while seeing a colorful display of boats or watch people trying to get a good deal on the market.












If you feel a little bit more adventurous you can swim the clear blue water of the beach or just sit and enjoy the view.






Or you can pretend to be the hand of God. 😉

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Sea-Gulls Air Show and Saying Goodbye To Lisbon

This post is a continuation of my last post “Lisbon From Another Angle

I found the little video that I took of the sea-gulls having fun around the cruise while we were leaving the coast of Lisbon. I thought of sharing it with you, because I mention the “air show” on my last post. I know that you can see sea-gulls in every coast and lately you can even found them in land. But there are interesting to me, I like to observe them. They are very intelligent birds, very opportunist too. Anyways this was quite a show that did not happened in any other port that we visited on this cruise trip. So here it is…

Until then…

xamlinnette 🙂

Álora, El Caminito del Rey and the Water Reservoir


To have a small taste of a typical Malaga town we visited for a little while the town of Álora. Dressed in white, Álora is sitting between mountains but still the heat could be severe and to keep herself a little bit cooler its dresses in white.

We arrived there around 2pm. The whole town was taking a break so there were no business open until 4pm. This is typical in small towns.



Él Caminito del Rey

After leaving the town of Álora we kept going deep in the mountains, passing by the “El Caminito del Rey”(The King Little Pathway). This is a concrete pathway trail that King Alfonso XIII once crossed to inaugurate the Conde del Guadalhorce water reservoir and since then its been called like that.. Now days people who like climbing could explore El Chorro Gore where this pathway is, but its a very dangerous one.


Water Reservoir “Presa Conde de Guadalhorce”

We keep going deeper and deeper in the mountain, which felt like a never-ending dangerous curve street with very inspiring views. Thanks God our driver maneuver well the dangerous road. Sometimes I caught myself praying to God that our huge bus had wings and fly to our destination. Once there we rush the beauty through our eyes and camera because we only had like twenty minutes to take it all in.




After a photo shoot session, ice cream for me, coffee for Jorge and 10 minutes of wifi, we left the hidden gem. All back at the bus we kept admiring the view and the Malaga history that our tour guide was teaching us until we were back at the cruise.









Until then,

xamlinnette 🙂