Designed For My Eyes And For My Soul

I don’t know about you but when I see something beautiful it have a chain reaction within me. It energize my soul, breathing is easier and happier. I don’t know about you but nature sometimes takes my breath away.

We arrived to Anchorage, Alaska on Tuesday night and early Wednesday our adventure officially started. At 6am we were at the train station, 6:15 started boarding. At 6:45 on the dot we were heading to Seward.
I was looking forward to see and enjoy the scenery on our 4 hour trip.

Like children my husband and me walked through the train, opening and closing doors to go to be next wagon. We stayed outside few times on the opening areas between wagons, to take pictures. The wind was cold to our skin, but the excitement was stronger than the cold wind.
Unfortunately we didn’t see any wildlife, just the back of few beluga whales but no moose, bears or Eagles. We saw plenty of glaciers, mountains, lakes and more. The mix beauty of white, green and brown highlighted most of our views. I can’t explain how the mix of these colors with some perfection masterpiece of creation makes such a beautiful sight like a perfect design for my eyes and my soul. The only thing I can tell you is that is just beautiful.
Seaplanes are very common here in Alaska. People have their houses in front of a lake with their seaplane “park” in front of their house. Seaplanes are a good way of transportation in Alaska,not every place can be reached by car. People here learn how to fly from 14 years of age, before they know how to drive a car.

We had breakfast on the train too, that is a cool thing I had never done before. You can go to a dinning area, eat while watching the mountains and trees running away from you. After four hours we got to Seward, and the scenery there was even more beautiful, confirming that these kind of beautiful sights are designed for my eyes as well as for my soul. I have a feeling that might be designed for you too.
If someday you want to experience Alaska railroad and a trip like this, I can help you design it for you. Stay tune for my next blog about Seward.
Until then, xamlinnette 🙂
Weekly Discover Challenge :Designed for you

Designed for you


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