Are You Part Of Somebody Else Memories?

It’s funny when you are taking pictures of something and then you go back and look at the pictures and find so many stories that you didn’t plan.
This picture above is an example of that. I was taking a picture of my daughter that was taking a picture of Lincoln.  Then later we notice when we were revising the picture, the guy taking a selfie in the middle of the crowd. Like him, all of us there were creating memories and for an instant we became part of others memories as well but we might never find out, like here our selfie guy will never knew that he became part of our memories.
Do you see any other people becoming part of my memories ? 🙂 So be aware that when you are on your own world creating memories and exciting travel stories you might be part of somebody else story and memories too. 
Until then,
xamlinnette 🙂

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