Traveling Through Genoa’s Streets Video

One of the places that got me hypnotize with its charm was Genoa. I wanted to go to Portofino better that was 30 minutes away, but because of lack of time and preparation we decided to stay at Genoa by the port. For my surprise I loved it, still we didn’t have enough time to really enjoy it to the fullest.

I will be writing later on about our experience over there. In the mean time I can share with you a video that I took while riding one of this Sightseeing Buses. I love to see the people walking, the scooters, the buildings. I love to watch local people in their own business while we are in awe with the city, because everything is new to us. I love to see the movement of the city while for me everything goes a little slower because I want to absorb as much details as I can. Videos are great for capturing that moment because later on you can re-played as much as you can and know that you were there, watching with your own eyes all the action.

Do you like to record little videos of the places that you visit?

Until then,

xamlinnette 🙂


5 thoughts on “Traveling Through Genoa’s Streets Video

  • I have a couple more thoughts. Here is a link to The Daily Post from WordPress. It would be good to follow their blog because they always have helpful hints and they post the photo challenges. You can also look on their blog under events. Every Friday the photo challenge comes out. This link is their list of articles on increasing traffic and followers.

    Another suggestion would be to add your blog site to your Gravatar. You have it written in your narrative but you can embed the URL so when someone clicks on your Gravatar it will link them directly to your site. If you need help figuring that out let me know.

    I hope these are helpful tips. Best wishes and the best advice I got from a more experienced blogger was ” If it isn’t fun then don’t do it. ” Unless of course this is how you make your living. 🙂

  • We were recently in Camogli which is not far from Genoa. I have not done a lot of video work. I find on my blog I get very few clicks on video links. What has your experience been?

    • Well to be honest I only have been blogging for a year and I still working on getting more audience in general. I love to write, take pictures and record videos but I am not a professional on any,still I like even more to share my experiences. At this moment I am trying everything, like reading other blogs (like your) and learning with the go and see what works better. One of the things that I have against me is the little time I have to write and be creative. Beside I wish I can travel more so I have more stories to share. In conclusion I think for now even if I don’t have enough respond I still trying everything… I need more followers!! ” 😉
      If you have any suggestion I am more than welcome to learn and get advises. Thank you so much for your comment! 🙂

      • I think my best piece of advice is to visit other people’s blogs and leave comments. I spent a lot of time doing this when I started. I chose blogs that were similar to mine. The majority of bloggers will come back to visit your blog if you leave a comment. They may not follow you but you begin to get more traffic. Also doing something like the weekly WordPress Photo Challenge allows you to pull out photos from previous experiences and trips and use them. You are also exposed to a whole lot of people of similar interests. Most of those posts are quite short so don’t feel you need to make your posts long. You actually will lose the reader unless the material is riveting. I hope some of that helps. 🙂

      • Thank you so much Sue for your advise. I been trying to read other blogs and interact with other bloggers as well, but between my full time job, 2 teenager with full agenda and a theater group that I lead, sometimes I don’t find time to spend on WordPress 😦 I know somehow I have to make more time. About the Photo Challenge, I don’t know how it works. I need to look into that. And I agree with you about writing short post… Even I like to read short, but good, inspiring post. (Because of my lack of time ) 😀
        I really thank you for taking the time for answering and giving me an advise. I hope we will talk soon!

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