Lets Put Our Pinky Up and Taste some Wine and Cheese


Feeling with desires of a romantic date? Tired of going to the movies and then dinner over and over again? Why not to try something different? Wine is always a romantic option, you can’t go wrong with that.

Jorge and I always have a bottle of wine at home. We add some cheeses and crackers and boom we have a “home date”. Believe me those are great. We enjoy the simple things.


Looking for that special thing to do, like always, I looked at Groupon and I found The Wine Room at Park Ave. Even though we always have a bottle of wine handy we don’t spend too much money on it. We love cheese and we have like two or three kinds of cheese but again nothing of the ordinary. When I saw this opportunity, curiosity levels went really high on me. I want it to try wines that maybe I don’t want to afford on regular basis. About cheese… What I can say, I love them all, but in reality I haven’t been very wild, I haven’t try anything fancy.


So here we were with a huge variety of wines and with no clue where to start. I read the menu, and all these cheeses names where like French to me (some of them literally). I could not understand anything from the cheese menu. We didn’t know what to order, I felt like I was a poor girl without education… Oh boy! Something I know, the best way of learning is asking.

Our server was great! He already had a list of suggestion for people like us, ( that don’t have a clue about fancy cheeses). He ask us few questions to see the things that we like or not, according to our answers he came up with a suggestion of three cheeses. While he was putting the order we went to explore…

With the Groupon, we bought a card with a value of $50 dollars. Every time you want to try a wine you go to the Enomatic wine dispensing machine, insert the card like an ATM, choose the wine you want to try, and the machine will deduct the amount of money from your card. Each wine have an information card on top of the wine. There are 3 options of amount(1oz, 2.5oz, 5oz) that you can poor in your glass of wine, each with a different value.


The server came back with these:(with bread and nuts)


  • Le Roule – is a soft cream cow cheese with herbs and garlic from France. On the above picture is on the right by the wine glass.IMG_3652

  • Comté Fort Saint-Antoine – Is a hard cow cheese from France with a medium flavor.

  • Meredith Marinated Feta Goat Cheese – Are cubes of soft cheese with extra-virgin olive oil, garlic, and herbs. 

IMG_3653Trying these cheeses was a unique individual experience for each flavor in my mouth. My taste buds were happy and asking for more. Our favorite cheese was the Le Roule, we didn’t have a choice that to go for a second round of that one. Each cheese flavor created a delightful moment, blended with bread, nuts and sips of wine all this together made a great romantic pinky up moment.

We tried different wines, ( about $3 dollars each pour, the price depends of what kind of wine).  I did like three  and stick with the one that I liked the most which I don’t remember the name now… Shame on my for not writing it down! Jorge tried few as well, but he kept looking and browsing around until he found a $200 dollar bottle. He came to me with this inquisitive face, wondering if it was OK spending $25 dollars just to try it. I suggested to him to try finding one a little bit less expensive. He found another bottle of $125, to taste it was  $12. He wanted to feel the difference in flavor of the more expensive ones. So we tried this one, well we didn’t feel much difference but probably is because we are not experts on the subject.


We had a wonderful night!  We definitely  are going back! Beside the tasting of cheeses and wine, the whole place create a perfect ambience for it. For those hours that Sunday evening, it felt like we step out of Orlando and went somewhere else. The Wine Room also offer other things on their menu.  If you want more information about their selection of wines, things on their menu and other things thing they offer, here is there link The Wine Room.

Until then,

xamlinnette 🙂



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