Enchanted by Castles Part 5

20131121-114453.jpgEyes wide open, I felt like I was entering a third dimension time of the “Twilight Zone”. I had a flashback of me childhood when I used to watch this TV series in black and white, but now it was like the TV swallow me and  I was seen thing in color and real.

1959 Series Logo
1959 Series Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Our first encounter was with a small chapel.20131126-131335.jpg




After exploring the small religious place we went down the stair that lead us to a tunnel that took us to the Quinta the Regaleira Palace. Few story tall, we explore the gothic building, each dark floor had some history to explain.  There were some areas that were closed to the public which awake my curiosity wondering what was hidden in those rooms… My imagination could be a little wild when everything looks so mysterious. Creating my own story based on knowing that one of the many owners of this land Carvalho Monteiro was kind of mystic and wanted to build this palace base on symbols and ideologies that represented his interest and believes and that the building have hiding symbols related to alchemy, Masonry, Knights and Rosicrucians; I was wondering if this inaccessible areas could talk, what kind of thing they will wisper…. I scared myself just to think about it.


20131209-224135.jpgI will share some of our home videos, I want it to show you the view and a little bit of what we saw, even though we comment in Spanish… but there is nothing important in our comments.



Later out of the palace there were so much more to discover… tunnels throughout the property, wells, fountains, monuments, towers…. Let me show you! Come with me!






20131209-224259.jpgThe following short video is going up the stairs of this tower above. The towers its not part of the palace, it is out in the property.

The Quinta da Regaleira its an attraction that if you want to see every corner of the property you could spend easily three hours or more. That is something that Jorge and me didn’t have…  time. It was kind of our fault for waking up late, but we were really tired the day before… well is a chain reaction kind of thing.  It was impossible for us to wake up early and going without having breakfast. It’s very important to plan well and leave sometime to rest, that way you can take more advantage of the time and see as much as you can  in this magnificent palaces.  Each have its own charm, with so much to see.  By the way in any of our experiences we were able to see all the property of all the palaces.  Each palace we visited had a bigger property, like parks with so much to see.  Any ways we wanted to see one more castle that day, the Montserrat’s Palace so we had to go before was too late.

Once again we took the 435 bus which left us in front of our new adventure… The Montserrat’s Palace, with this next castle, I will finish, finally my little story of Enchanted by Castle… The last post will be Part 6 where I will share the last part of our second day in Sintra.

I wish I have more spare time to write my post more quickly, I apology for taking so long to post this little stories about our trip. I have so much to share and will like to talk about other subjects that might help others when visiting Lisbon, Portugal. I personally struggle with time, having a full-time job and been a full-time mom, plus I am the leader of the theater team for my church and our scripts and presentations are original written and direct it by me… Right now we are working on our Christmas play and I started to write the new script for Easter. So time its a valuable thing that some times runs away from my hands.  Well…. until then, hopefully  I will have part 6 sooner than it took Part 5.

xamlinnette 🙂


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