Tram 28


One of the first things you do as a tourist in Lisbon is ride the tram 28 to have a little taste of what the city is about. After walking more that 30 minutes and had a cold sandwich for breakfast with coffee, we were trying to find our way in Lisbon. With a list of things in hand and a map from my cellphone, we were trying to identify the streets and places we wanted to see that day. It was a beautiful Sunday morning, and while walking around it was impossible not to enjoy the royal blue skies that farther down in our walk, changed to a light blue with thin and puffy white clouds, also there was a little touch of coolness in the air. When we got closer to the Tagus river, the sun was making all the efforts of taking away that refreshing cool air, putting me in a position of taking my sweeter and put it again over and over again.





Praca Da Comercio

Praca De Comercio

Bridge 25 Abril

Me with the sweeter on 🙂


Between the battle of taking my sweeter on and off, taking pics in Praca da Comercio, and trying to follow our schedule on time we finally got to the tram 28 stop. Waiting at the stop, more people kept coming and joining us on the wait for tram 28, we were wondering how we were going to fit with so many people there. For my surprise when the tram arrived, my view was of a yellow rectangular box full of standing people smelling each other like sardines, at the stop few of those sardine people left the tram and twice got in. We decide to stayed, I wanted to enjoy the ride and take pictures and all the whole 9 tourist yard! Thanks God for patience, It was worthy the wait, we let 2 trams go by and the thirth one it was ok, we were standing but at least there was enough space for breathing. A little bit farther down in our ride, in one of the stops some people left and we were able to sit by the window and that way we were able to enjoy one of the first things tourist should do when going to Lisbon. Here is a little bit of our ride. 🙂


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