Travel My Story on My Job

I recently shared that I changed my duties at work, changing from a department to another after 6 years. I basically changed from been most of the time in a laboratory running samples, to collect the samples to be run.

Now I have the opportunity to have contact with areas of my city that not many people have. Now, even in the city I can see the “inner jungle” of it, no matter have much development it has. Still there is a place out there with stillness and quite, pure and natural.

Here see the reflexion of raw beauty. Glass dark waters reflect undisturbed nature, than only few can see.

Come on in and ride with me!



I hope you enjoyed the ride,

until then

xamlinnette 🙂




At The Park With A Purpose



Every year about this time I am getting ready for our Easter play. You know I love writing, and I super love travel writing even if is from places close to home(Orlando, Florida!) But at this time of year is hard for me to keep up with my travel writing.

I also write scripts and direct the theater group at my church. As you can imagine, this keep me so busy that I don’t have time to do my writing hobby. But still I get a great satisfaction directing our plays and working with good people. One of the things I like to do, are interactive presentations between life performance and videos. So on our presentation day we will present life acting and videos in between.

Well, today we recorded our first video for our Easter play. We were so blessed to have a beautiful day at the park with a crispy cool look. The day looked radiant, the flowers bright and full of color. The whole enviroment looked clean and fresh, very inviting to be outdoors.




I am extremely bless to be able to work with a great team of committed people who on a Saturday are recording thing for the presentation.

Even that we are working we like to have fun while doing it. Some of us felt like important models so we did like a pretend photo shoot.







Thanks God for Florida weather and thanks God, Florida is so beautiful that makes it easy to work on a Saturday. 🙂

If you in Orlando Florida area and you are looking for a nice, inspiring park I will recommend Cypress Grove Park. Is a great place to spend the day, for weddings, picnics or just a simple hang out with the girls day, or play sports with the guys or a romantic walk through the woods…

Until then,

xamlinnette 🙂














Food Tour in Winter Park

Sometimes is impossible to be traveling 24/7 like I will like to, or at least to travel a lot more than I want. But thanks God I live in Orlando that the list of things to do don’t have an ending. No matter if you a tourist or local there are plenty of things to keep you entertain in Orlando FL.

One of my favorite places in Orlando is Winter Park, called like that because it was the “paradise park” during winter for a lot people from up North. Winter Park have this European look, with a classy feeling on the air. Nice, expensive stores and restaurants with the classic outdoor sitting. Winter Park is dog friendly, there is a bowl of water in every other entrance of restaurants and/or stores. You can see people of ages walking with their furry friends, sitting outdoors to eat and the furry friends could sit with them to eat.

There are so many restaurants that if you are not familiar with the area its difficult to choose where to go. It was my husband birthday few weeks ago,and I wanted to do something different. I wanted for us to try something new with the edge of feeling out-of-town. In my search I found this Living Social deal for a food tour in Winter Park. Boom! Perfect!!


Orlando Food Tour

We all met at 11 am at Prato, a modern rustic Italian Bistro. We were a group of five couples, I think and two tour guides. We absolutely loved their pizza! We have pizza with a choice of wine or beer.



The second place we went was the Ancient Olive, is an Olive oils and balsamic vinegar shop. I would never imagine that a place like this could be included in a food tour. Well let me tell you it was my favorite place. We were able to sample different types of food, snacks, dips, ice cream, drinks,olive oils, and more.











We went for a walk after our tummies were full of deliciousness. We learned a little bit of Winter Park history and saw some houses that could tell the story.



A wedding at Casa Feliz

We continue our tour to The Spice & Tea Exchange, this place is own by the same people of the Ancient Olive. Again a wonderful place, where you can’t imagine that you can taste so many good things. Here we bought some spices to mix with cream cheese and sour cream. We tried it here and it was an explosion of delicious flavors that you can eat with pita chips.









Then we went for some Thai food at Orchid Thai Cuisine where we had sample plates with different things to try. Then we went for dessert at Kilwin’s chocolate & Ice Cream. We finished our tour on a candy store; Sassafras Sweet shoppe. I don’t care much for candy and less for cotton candy that it was what they offered us, so that is the only part of the tour that I didn’t enjoy like the rest of the tour.

In general we had a wonderful time, I would recommend it to anybody. My next food tour will be on the east coast of Florida, when we do it I will tell you about it and we will compare the experience.

Until then,

xamlinnette 🙂



























Weekly Photo Challenge: Warmth

This past week we were looking for a place, a coffee shop, where we could sit, relax and write. By this time of the year I am always running against the clock because I have to finish the Easter script for the next year before the current year-end.

We found this cozy coffee shop that gave us this warmth and charming environment, very inspiring for writing. Beside the coffee is amazing!

Vespr Craft Coffee Shop have an incredible variety of coffee drinks and snacks. Check out their Yelp information, everything looks so yummy. I want to try everything!

What I tried, that warmth my heart and spirit giving me inspiration to write was this…

Vanilla Latte with a Nutella Bomb cookie 🙂

Until then,

xamlinnette 🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge: Warmth