The World’s Most Beautiful Canal Cities

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Most Beautiful Canal Cities of the World

In ancient times, the most efficient roadways through cities were made of canals that would allow easy transport of goods between shops, homes, and shipping centers. While these were long-ago the most efficient mode of transport through cities, it also became quickly adored by residents for the beauty and uniqueness that they add to the overall feel of the cities they serve. While the canals are not as necessary for travel today as they once were, the canals still offer beauty and character to the cities that they grace. Of all of the Canal Cities of the World, here are our favorites:

Suzhou China Canal City

Suzhou, China

Bruges Belgium Canal City

Bruges, Belgium

Stockholm Sweden Canal City

Stockholm, Sweden

Annecy France Canal City

Annecy, France

El Gouna Egypt Canal City

El Gouna, Egypt

Hamburg Germany Canal City

Hamburg, Germany

Giethoorn Netherlands Canal City

Giethoorn, Netherlands

Hoi An Vietnam Canal City

Hoi An, Vietnam

Birmingham England Canal City

Birmingham, England

Those are some of our favorite canal cities of the world. We highly suggest you get a chance to visit any and all of these wonderful world destinations…

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Beach Hopping in Koh Larn Island, Thailand

Little Lilly Meets the World

We have traveled to many places without a plan. We wanted to explore the place not knowing what will come next…and we loved it! So, after we visited the crowded cities of Bangkok and Pattaya, we decided to head off to Koh Larn Island and relax on the beach.


Koh Larn is a small beautiful lush green tropical island (about 4km in length and about 2 km wide) in the Gulf of Thailand. It is located approximately 7 km off the coast of Pattaya Beach, which is about two hours south of Bangkok. The terrain is mountainous and during the monsoon season the amount of rain fall is big.


It is also called Coral Island. The Thai people who are living here are very welcoming and hospitable which is why many tourists choose to come back there every time they have a holiday. The island is famous because it…

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