I Am Part Of Their Travel Stories

In my new journey as a Travel Consultant and a new homeowner as well, I haven‘t had the time to travel this year. The majority of my time I been training and learning with the hope that becoming an expert will help me be a better travel counselor. Finally in the last few months I was able to work with some people who were needing my services (customers :D).

I notice that one of the most difficult part of this job is not the learning process. The most difficult part is finding customers that want the help of an expert. Customers that are tired of searching on their own, through the thousands of options that the web can give you for a “perfect vacation”. We know that there are customers like that are out there somewhere,we travel agents just have to find them. Unfotunatly people have forgotten the advantage of working with a travel counselor. We have access to much more options and specific information depending of what the individual needs.

Just to mention a few…
During this process I find out that helping other people with their travel planning is very exciting. It is so much thrill as when I am planning my own. It’s amazing to think that I am part of their travel stories. So, I am not only writing my own travel stories now, but others too! It’s been like a box of chocolate, like a puzzle, like an adventure for me to work on my customers vacations. I feel like wanting to pack my bags and leave with them too!

Now I am in the stage of waiting that they come back from their vacation to enjoy the feed back of their stories. Who knows, they might allow me to share part of their travel stories here on my blog!

As for me…right now this week I will be taking more trainings and ships inspections through my host agency. That means this week is TPI Extravaganza! I will be sharing my experiences soon. Next month I will be going to Jamaica(yeiiii!). I will be visiting Sandals Ochi Rios for 4 nights! Believe me, I will be telling you all about how worth is traveling to this paradise dream place. (I have a feeling it is 100% worth it :D)



On the first week of December I will be going to Cancun, we’ll stay at the Moon Palace Hotel. On this trip I will be learning more about Mexico as a wedding destination.

So I will be having some travel stories of my own after all. If you are in need of a travel counselor to help you create your own travel stories, don’t forget that I will be more than happy to help you create beautiful memories.

Until then…

xamlinnette 🙂

TravelmyStories Newsletter

Weddings and Sandals

Who haven’t dream with the perfect wedding? Tropical beauty, nice weather, brilliant flowers, white sugar sand, turquoise tranquil waters as the background music…

Sandals Resorts Offers this and much more.

With 20 resorts within 8 Caribbean islands you have so many options on how to start living your own love story. Ten resorts in Jamaica, three in St. Lucia, two in Antigua, and one in the rest of the islands (Bahamas/Nassau, Bahamas/Exuma, Turks &Caicos, Granada and Barbados). All natural paradises to dream of.

One of the great thing of Sandals Resorts is that is all-inclusive! You can customize your wedding the way you want. You pick the colors, the cake flavors, the flowers and after your dream comes true you already started your honeymoon.

There is so much to said about Sandals resort and how wonderful your story could be, but this is just a newsletter, you should contact me to talk more about the magnificent opportunities of even having your own butler!



Until then,

xamlinnette 🙂

Can you Identify with a Scenario like This one?

I am passionate about travel, I love the idea of exploring a new place. I like to do it on my own, without restrictions or been attach to other people schedules. That is why two years ago when my husband and me went to Portugal for the first time, I wanted for us to have an adventure. I did all the research that I thought it was needed for us to go on our own to Lisbon, Portugal. Also I thought that because we were traveling with a budget we had to do everything ourselves, that way we could save some money. Can you identify with a scenario like this one?

Well we had a great time, I am not going to deny it. And definitely was an adventure but because we didn’t know so many things we lost so much time trying to figure out simple things. It is incredible how after so much research, once we were there still there was so much I didn’t know or was prepared for it.

Now two years later has pass, and now I am a travel agent/counselor and still I love to travel on my own schedule and I still like to explore on my own. But in my process of learning the travel industry so I can help and serve my clients better, I have been researching and study many suppliers. In that learning mode process I found Monograms. When I first saw their promotion video I almost die of laughter when I saw myself and Jorge on the video, it was like us in Lisbon, Portugal. Here it is their video…



After you see it you will understand why I laugh so much and why I think Monogram is a great choice for people like me and Jorge that have a ” Dora the Explorer Spirit” but still want to know what we are doing, we still like to have things under control and we want to use our time of our vacation wisely because is limited and precious. The best part of Monogram is that you don’t have to be attached to nobody schedule but yours only. Check out the video and then let me know if you can identify with a scenario like this?

For  more information you always can contact me!

Until then…

xamlinnette 🙂



Danube River Specialist

During this past months I had experienced an overload of information running through my brain while learning all about the industry of travel. I want to be well inform of what I can offer to my clients. Also this new view and information is giving me the tools that I need for my new future adventure, and story. One of the suppliers that I decided to know better is Viking River Cruises, and I have to say I am fascinated! Now I am a Viking River specialist with 6 certifications from them.

Danube River

Europe second longest river, and run across 10 countries. Viking River Cruises offers different itinerary options of how to enjoy this magnificent river, it’s countries and views. Viking Cruises gives you a wonderful view of history, culture and scenery like no other.

A good way to start knowing Viking Cruises is going and experience it. That is why I can not let my overload of information stay only in my brain, I have to share it and I have to live it,and then later on I will write about it too. Saying that I choose to explore culture and history with the Romantic Danube itinerary. I can’t wait for 2016 and live Eight days, 6 guided tours, and 3 countries with Viking River Cruises. Still I am working on some little details on exactly when I am going, but something is for sure, it is going to happen.

If you are interested on having an experience like this or want to know other itineraries thar Viking Cruises offers, let me know, we can dream together and make our own travel stories. Help me put in practice my overload of information.

Xamara L Maisonet


407 451-5006