My Dolphin River Encounter

As we were going down the river, feeling the warmed touch of the sun in my face, the wind messing gently my hair, I breathe freedom. I felt like I was in an expedition far, far away from home, even we were only an hour away. I saw the different birds flying and resting along the line of mangroves that marks the river bank of the Indian River Lagoon. Looking to the water Jorge told me that he saw a big jellyfish, but I didn’t see it. I keep looking around, and I hear my daughter saying the same thing, I missed it again. With a Titanic kind of feeling, me and my family were in the bow, in the from part of the 45 ft tour boat. When Kelly, the owner of the Good Natured River Tours, offered the opportunity to go to the front of the boat where we could have a better experience, we were the only ones that took advantage of the offer. While her husband, Captain Bill Reynolds, was pointing out all the point of interests of the river banks, birds, interesting houses and more, I was on my search for marine mammals. Kelly told us that the dolphins in the lagoon were very friendly, and that sometimes from the beginning of the tour they are already greeting them, swimming along the boat. Well this time we were not that lucky, and specially me! Up to that point, I had not seen, not even a jellyfish, just few fishes and birds. Still of my not so lucky encounter with the wildlife, I was having a great relaxing time, it was getting warmer, the sun was strong in my eyes, even with sunglasses, but still I loved every minute of the view and of the my outdoor moment.

The Good Natured River Tour last two hours and goes along the Indian River between the Pineda Causeway which we crossed under until the Dragon Point Dr. (where in the very end of that tip of property used to be a Dragon House that eventually was destroy by weather) – passing that the tip we went into the Banana River just a little bit in, then turning back to Indian River again but we kept forward until we got to the Eau Gallie Causeway. There by the Eau Gallie Causeway is where we head back, this was our last chance to encounter the friendly mammals. Our hopes were up, Kelly kept looking around with her binoculars, she told us that there was a lot of movement in the area; like boats and jet-skis, more than usual. It was Labor Day, everybody was enjoying that extra day off like us. Until that moment, before we got to the Gallie Causeway I had my first encounter with wildlife, I saw a funny blue crab swimming desperately… jaja! it was my first time seeing a blue crab or any crab swimming. Well, I learned that actually they are excellent swimmers they even have special adapted appendages that are shaped as paddles… interesting, the only thing I knew about them beside that they are crabs is that they taste very good.



The Captain was so nice that he kept our tour going until we found them! First we saw a solo dolphin, swimming around in his own business. We were excited, we took pictures of his fin, going up and down. “Well at least we saw one”, I said to myself.


I felt bad for Kelly because she was looking and looking, but wildlife is unpredictable, it’s impossible to guarantee that they will be waiting for us to make us happy. But then!!! Oh my God!!! Then!!! Two super friendly dolphins came close, swam by the boat, jump and took a good look at us. Thanks God I stayed in the bow even though the sun was melting me away, definitely it was the better place in the boat to enjoy the encounter. The were so close to us, it was literally, like they came to say hello. I took a super cool video, and you will hear my crazy moment of joy, please try not to laugh… -____-




We finished our day eating at the Grills Riverside restaurant, when you get this tour on Groupons like we did, it also includes a $5 voucher discount on food per person. We were 5 in total so we had $25 dollars discount on food!!
Food was great, and we even had dessert, fried cheesecake… Yummy!

xamlinnette 🙂


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