An Important Number During Our Honeymoon

We took a MSC cruise on the Mediterranean for our honeymoon. Ge got our own table(723)for our 10 days cruise and Luiza was our server all the time. At the end of our trip we loved Luiza and it was sad to say goodbye. We learned a little bit about her and why she was doing that job. She is a single mom and her mom take care of her daughter so she can provide for them. The way she talked about her daughter was so inspiring and full of emotions and sadness because of the distant between them.
When I reflect on things like this, I have to recognize how bless I am. Also makes me think more reasons for loving travel. When you travel you have the opportunity to meet amazing people, with different cultures but with the same needs that we all have. 
Get inspired to travel, balance your life with amazing experiences, and find a number in your travels that will inspire a whole new story. 😉
7 Pipes

Juanito and his number 2 shirt.
One Mosque in Morroco
Lisbon: One 25 Abril bridge.
Many people walking the street of Genoa, Italy.
Just the 2 of us! Genoa, Italy.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Numbers
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Weekly Photo Challenge: Gone But Not Forgotten II


After 10 days on MSC Poesia we had to say goodbye to our honeymoon. We saw the MSC POESIA leaving from the same port that we happily got on board 10 days ago, now it will fulfill the dreams of other passengers.

Certainly gone for us, but it will never be forgotten. Every year for our anniversary we will remember this vacation that marked a moment in our lives. We will remember that on MSC POESIA we started a life committed to each other.

From the window or our hotel...
From the window or our hotel…

We got to our hotel just in time, after a whole day exploring Genoa. From our window we say goodbye and thank God for a great honeymoon. Gone…But Never Forgotten.

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Sea-Gulls Air Show and Saying Goodbye To Lisbon

This post is a continuation of my last post “Lisbon From Another Angle

I found the little video that I took of the sea-gulls having fun around the cruise while we were leaving the coast of Lisbon. I thought of sharing it with you, because I mention the “air show” on my last post. I know that you can see sea-gulls in every coast and lately you can even found them in land. But there are interesting to me, I like to observe them. They are very intelligent birds, very opportunist too. Anyways this was quite a show that did not happened in any other port that we visited on this cruise trip. So here it is…

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Have You Seen The Mediterranean Sea In Action

Have you ever had the chance before to compare the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea?

This was my first trip on the Mediterranean and every time I went up to the deck on our cruise, the ocean was choppy, dark blue with white foam everywhere you look. The winds were so strong that it felt like a small hurricane was on board. At night almost anybody was visiting the 13th and 14th floor. It was empty and the fence-rail around the top floors  (13th and 14th floor) was covered by white dust (salt). The water mist was able to rich so high up because of the intense winds. One night Jorge and me went up stairs to the top floors after dinner. I had a black jacket/sweater on. After spending some time trying to not be blown away by the wind, I noticed that the white dust was changing my sweater’s color. Then we decided to better walk in the inside of the cruise.

This was very interesting to me, the cruises that I took before through the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean, the ocean looks like a purple blue and the waves are bigger and soft at the same time, or basically calm comparing to the mediterranean. The winds were not that intense.

Every time we were getting closer to a port the waters started to smooth down a litter bit for a more calm “look”.

Have you traveled on the Pacific Ocean or any other ocean? I would love to know how different is cruising in other oceans and seas.

Until then,

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