Princess at Riu Palace

Last December I went to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for a Love Mexico convention for travel agents to learn and promote Mexico as a wedding destination and/or honeymoon place. This is my second year participating in this event. It’s amazing the amount of information that we bring back home, from brochures, bags, office materials, business cards and much more. All the meetings, the vendors,the conferences, the wonderful meals were excellent. But for me living an experience speak millions of words to my heart. Even if I want to write here about the conferences that we listened to, or mention all the vendors I met, or even if I want to tell you that Mexico have amazing facilities to celebrate weddings it’s hard for me to point out all of them with detail information.

I brought home lots of information, yesterday I filed all out and it’s going to be there if I need it at any moment. There is something that I can not file in a cabinet, but I can share with you. Those were the experiences that I lived over there. The last two days of my Mexico experience, after the conferences were over some of us have the blessing to stay in one of the hotels in Puerto Vallarta to experience Mexico hospitality. Well, I was able to be a princess with Riu for two days. At least I felt like that, first I stayed at Riu Palace in Nueva Vallarta and second they treated us super nicely.

The first night we got there we were able to enjoy the resort at our leisure. I left everything in my room and went to eat at the buffet. There were so many options, so many flavors, colors , smells, desserts, it was really hard to decide what to eat. After my food coma I walk a little bit before going to bed.

I woke up early in the morning, went to the buffet again. We had a full day of activities with the Riu people but we didn’t have any idea how much fun was going to be. We visited the other two Riu’s property in Nuevo Vallarta. Each Riu have its own good characteristics and each accommodate different budgets without loosing luxury and comfort.

Riu Jalisco

Very nice property, all inclusive and friendly for your pocket. Loved the Christmas decoration!

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Riu Vallarta


Oh Riu Vallarta! This place is amazing! I don’t know if the day I was there was so perfect that I had that impression, but I just can say good things about this place. This property will ask a little bit more of your money that Riu Jalisco, but will have other amenities that will compensate that.

Before  continuing about this property I will make a pause to tell you something that apply for the three properties, actually it applies to all Riu properties in general.

All Riu’s properties have Scuba Caribe for all your beach sport activities. They offer kayak, wind surfing, surfing boards and more all include with your stay at the hotel. We had the opportunity to enjoy some of this great and fun activities thanks to the Scuba Caribe manager, Nicole Merz. She spoil us really good. After letting us play in the water during the day, in the afternoon she also offer us a massage at Renova Spa which she also manage. You always will find this two companies at every Riu’s property. There is nothing better than to have fun in the sun and later relax at the spa, I guarantee you they will treat you like royalty.

After an amazing day of fun and relaxation with a magnificent massage, Riu management at the Riu Palace (where I stayed) prepared an exquisite dinner for us at the beach over the sunset. Imagine the great reception for a wedding that you can have here! Let me show you so you can have an idea of what it could be.

If you want to know more about Puerto Vallarta, my experience at Riu or anything about travel just let me know.

Until then,

xamlinnette 🙂

My “Aventuras Maya” Adventure


I can’t believe it’s been a month since my time in Cancun, and I haven’t write anything about my “Aventuras Maya’s” adventure… It has been a busy past few weeks with all the Christmas presentation rehearsals, working my two jobs, family and more. Now after a week after the new year started I am ready to continue with my goals and my travel stories.


On Our last day in Cancun we had the opportunity to experience one of the many things that the Riviera Maya have to offer. Of the many options they gave us I choose “Aventuras Maya” where we were going to snorkel in three different sites and zip-line.

Waiting for our ride
Waiting for our ride


The first thing we did in our adventure day was going to a cavern Cenote to have our first swim in cold, clear, blue waters.


Our guide
Our guide






Our second part of our adventure was in an open Cenote where we did zip-line to the water, we has a “fish pedicure” and snorkel.




We left this area, got in the bus and went to an ocean inlet (Caleta). Here we swam and snorkel through the cold fresh and salty waters. There is a point where the fresh water combines with the salt water and under the water you see a blurry effect. Also in this area we saw more fishes for the same reason, more salt water.

For some reason it was harder for me to get in this water, I felt it even colder than the one in the close cenote. After swimming for a bit and going closer to the ocean I start feeling warm water under and cold on top. Of course also while moving and exercising you don’t feel cold at all. This swim was really a good exercise because when we were coming back to our start point we were swimming against the current, so much more effort in our swimming.









Then we went to another park where we had lunch. Rest for a little bit while light rain refresh us.

We were ready for our last part of the adventure…zip-line!




Check my video, here you will see the zip-line ride.


It was my first time doing zip-line. I had so much fun! If you do it some day let me tell you, that the hardest part is going up the stairs :b

Here are some more pics of another cenote.







I hope you enjoy my adventure! You can have all these adventure as well and have your own travel stories. Aventuras Maya’s offer other activities too, like rappelling, visit to the ruins of Tulum, swim with turtles, swim with dolphins, drive ATV’s and more. You can combine and customize your experience.

Can you see yourself having an adventure like this? Contact me for more information.

Until then,

xamlinnette 🙂


Weekly Photo Challenge of the Week: Gathering












This is the gathering of delicious treats for the gathering of travel agents and wedding planners. 🙂

Almost three weeks ago I was in Cancun Mexico for a conference for travel agents and wedding planners. “Love Mexico” focus on promoting Mexico as a Wedding Destination and honeymoon place. We had a fantastic time! Specially when they treat us so nicely. As you can see above all the delicious treats they have so beautifully display for us. This was on the Royalton Luxury Resort, where they had a masquerade party for us. The pictures above were the desserts.


These pictures can give you an idea the kind of wedding reception you can have. Is too bad I didn’t take pictures of the dinner. Oh my God it was so heavenly delicious!

Until then,

xamlinnette 🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge: Gathering



Photo Challenge of the Week: Oops!


Two weeks ago I was at “Love Mexico” conference for travel agent and wedding planners. We were learning about Mexico as an option for honeymoon and a wedding destination. As a travel agent I decided to specialize in Romance travel (even thou that is not the only thing I work on, I can help with ALL kind of travel).

This picture above I took it at our last night farewell party. The decor of the room was so beautiful and romantic.

There were chandeliers all over the room, so I want it to have a nice picture of the chandelier and that’s when it happened. My oops moment, looks like there was some lights behind that particular chandelier but it looks like I didn’t notice until later…


Photo Challenge of the Week: Oops!

Until then,

xamlinnette 🙂


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