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Weddings and Sandals

Who haven’t dream with the perfect wedding? Tropical beauty, nice weather, brilliant flowers, white sugar sand, turquoise tranquil waters as the background music…

Sandals Resorts Offers this and much more.

With 20 resorts within 8 Caribbean islands you have so many options on how to start living your own love story. Ten resorts in Jamaica, three in St. Lucia, two in Antigua, and one in the rest of the islands (Bahamas/Nassau, Bahamas/Exuma, Turks &Caicos, Granada and Barbados). All natural paradises to dream of.

One of the great thing of Sandals Resorts is that is all-inclusive! You can customize your wedding the way you want. You pick the colors, the cake flavors, the flowers and after your dream comes true you already started your honeymoon.

There is so much to said about Sandals resort and how wonderful your story could be, but this is just a newsletter, you should contact me to talk more about the magnificent opportunities of even having your own butler!



Until then,

xamlinnette 🙂

Love Story In NYC










In a magical city, where time runs as fast as the people who walk on the streets.  In a secret place on a street of Brooklyn everything stop for a moment. There is nothing more important that the love confession from one to another. Neither the time, nor the business of this magical place can stop the occasion to celebrate eternal love. We were just witnesses of the seal of love that was passing to another level. Love that will continue to evolve in many ways, in a corner, in a secret place of that magical city, anywhere and everywhere…

Until then…

xamlinnette 🙂



















Where Are You?

caracol en playaEvery day I think of you
I wonder where are you…
Close enough that we breathe the same air
Or so far that I might not know who you are

I look through the crowds looking for your eyes
maybe if they meet we will know we were meant to be
Tired of so many mistakes, afraid that you pass by me
and I didn’t notice, how ironic that will be

Afraid that my fears are like huge mountains
blocking the beauty of the horizon
meeting the ocean when they meet in perfect harmony

If you see me first, whisper on my ear that you are here
I will know is you, since I been waiting all my life for you

Where are you? Where you might be?
I will keep waiting until I found you
you will see…




Dreaming about a future that looks closer at me

Returning to my instincts, letting words flow on a pool of dreams
Images, thoughts, that are hard to describe but fill an emptiness of imagination
Dreaming about perfection, dreaming of a life with you 


Dreams and Reality


Between my dreams and reality a white, white Christmas I see
My world of normality and the snowflakes I want to see
All feel me with expectation, now I am living what I thought it would never be
Now a dream is a reality, now my white Christmas is as real as it should be
Feel with emotions, happiness and everything that could fill a soul.
Before was emptiness, now fullness…
My beautiful white Christmas, with no snowflakes, but as white as it should be…

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