Travel My Story on My Job

I recently shared that I changed my duties at work, changing from a department to another after 6 years. I basically changed from been most of the time in a laboratory running samples, to collect the samples to be run.

Now I have the opportunity to have contact with areas of my city that not many people have. Now, even in the city I can see the “inner jungle” of it, no matter have much development it has. Still there is a place out there with stillness and quite, pure and natural.

Here see the reflexion of raw beauty. Glass dark waters reflect undisturbed nature, than only few can see.

Come on in and ride with me!



I hope you enjoyed the ride,

until then

xamlinnette 🙂




First Encounter

I been working for the past 7 1/2 years for the same environmental laboratory and work there in two different departments. On February 2 I started in a new department for me, after being 7 years in the micro laboratory now I am in the field department. The field department are the ones that collect the water samples for other department to analyzes and see the health of different body of water in Orlando. If you know a little bit about Florida you will know that fresh body of water almost means alligators. I knew, it will happened sooner or later. So, today I had my first encounter!

I had seen alligators on the wild before, but it was on a tour on the Everglades, on a tour that we pay to see alligators and other wild life. In this occasion I am working, they are paying me, but I don’t want to see any alligator. It’s almost impossible to ask for that. They are out there, if you go to any fresh body of water in Florida even if you don’t see them they might be around.

Well here she is…


My co-workers already known her because they go to collect often to that particular site and she is always there, so they told me, they know is a female because she have a nest. Also she is missing an eye, so that makes it easy to know that is her.

Next time I go to that site, I will be looking for her. Or probably she is going to be waiting for us.

Until then,

xamlinnette 🙂