Aliens Among Us!

Today during my lunch hour at work I notice this creature eating a leaf. My curiosity was stronger than me. When I saw the way the mouth parts of this thing moved, it freaked my out. It looked to me like an alien movie, when the alien is about to devour a human pray.

Guess what I did??? I took my camara and got some pictures. Also recorded a little bit… I did a silly but informative video about this creature. You want to know what it is? Something I can tell you, is in all the southern parts of the United States. It is a permanent resident of Florida. ( Check the mouth parts, see how they move…)


OH! It’s formal name is Romalea guttata, here is a picture showing the name of the weird moving mouth parts. There called palps.

Until then…

xamlinnette πŸ™‚