Abracadabra your wish is going to come true!

I saw at the distance the a mist erupting the water, my heart was pounding as fast as the boat raft  we were on, that was speeding at full gear. I looked at my husband wondering if the captain was going to slow down. I kept looking at my surroundings and more mist in different locations blew out of the water. I counted like eight of them, and we were getting closer. Finally the captain slowed down and said while I was pointing out “humpback whales!” I took my face gear out, pull my camera, and start shooting pics. I stopped shooting for a minute and just looked. I was so happy, I wanted to do everything at the same time, take pictures, videos, and observe. I was looking for that perfect moment to shoot the fluke while the giant dive in. I tried before and I wasn’t successful, actually I was kind of frustrated to be honest. I had one more chance.

They were so close, I heard them breathing, I saw the mist of their breath going up to the sky.

Then, magic happened…

Tiny Fluke In a Vast Ocean

In the enormous vast blue ocean a tiny fluke waves us at the distance. Tiny is relative. After a magnificent whale watching day at Sitka, Alaska , we were leaving. Our cruise was heading to Ketchikan and in our way out the Sitka waters our giant friends kept popping out of the water. There was a big difference in the encounters we had previously in our tour, we had a close encounter and we were the tiny ones compare to the giants of the sea. But at this moment when we were on our big ship looking to the infinite horizon the whale fluke looks like a miniature whale. Amazing how things change depending how you look at them.

Keep traveling with me!

Until then,


Weekly Photo Challenge: Tiny