Have seen so much sand ever before?

Beside the beach, have you been in a place with so much sand that form mountains? Mountains of sand? Well for us this was our first time seen so many grains of sand together. The beach sand look like nothing to me compare with dunes of Huacachina Desert in Peru.

Huacachina Desert

In the middle of all this sand their is the a village build around a small oasis.

This place is perfect for the adventure you need in your life. We went sandboarding and for a crazy boggy ride. Wao! is the only thing I can say.

Ok here are 2 videos of the sandboarding experience. They are raw, no editing at all. I took them with my GoPro.

At the end of the day, after having so much fun, this are the possible views that you could have.

The End

A Trip to Ballestas Islands in Peru

We went to visit Lima Peru back in March 2019 just for 5 days. When I checked that we could do this one day trip to the Ballesta Island I didn’t think twice. We took a speed boat in the town of Paracas.

One of the first sights is the Candelabro

The Ballestas Islands are mostly made of rocks formations and they are a sanctuary for marine bird and mammals.

Humboldt Penguin

Inca terns, Peruvian Bobby, Blue-footed Bobby and more….

Sea Wolves or South American Sea Lions

It is impressive how the pop of all these birds ” guano” is such a valuable resource in this area. Guano it is a valuable fertilizare resource, use locally and exported all over the world.

After the amazing boat tour at the Ballesta Island, you can get a plate of delicious Ceviche and then head to Huacachina Village for an exhilarating dune buggy and sand boarding experience.

Check out my next post for the dune buggy and sand boarding experience.