Pure Romance

Who doesn’t get inspire with this view? Inspire to take a vacation or a romantic getaway. What about a sexy swim on this pure sexy beach? Because of views like this one is why Sandals Resort is so good at what they do. They have in all their resorts romantic, appealing, refreshing views like this one.  What makes a perfect set up for a romantic getaway to celebrate pure love. 

 They promote pure romance for newlyweds. This beautiful pictures are from Jamaica, Ocho Rios. Can you imagine yourself swimming with your love one in this private beach? 
 Sandals have other properties around Jamaica and in other paradise type islands in the Caribbean. Get inspire and experience some pure fun 
in the Caribbean with Sandals. Call me if you need help with that. ;)

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Pure

An Important Number During Our Honeymoon

We took a MSC cruise on the Mediterranean for our honeymoon. Ge got our own table(723)for our 10 days cruise and Luiza was our server all the time. At the end of our trip we loved Luiza and it was sad to say goodbye. We learned a little bit about her and why she was doing that job. She is a single mom and her mom take care of her daughter so she can provide for them. The way she talked about her daughter was so inspiring and full of emotions and sadness because of the distant between them.
When I reflect on things like this, I have to recognize how bless I am. Also makes me think more reasons for loving travel. When you travel you have the opportunity to meet amazing people, with different cultures but with the same needs that we all have. 
Get inspired to travel, balance your life with amazing experiences, and find a number in your travels that will inspire a whole new story. 😉
7 Pipes

Juanito and his number 2 shirt.
One Mosque in Morroco
Lisbon: One 25 Abril bridge.
Many people walking the street of Genoa, Italy.
Just the 2 of us! Genoa, Italy.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Numbers
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Weekly Photo Challenge: Optimistic


On my new adventure as a Travel Agent I always have to come up with new ideas of how to promote my business. Last week TravelmyStories participated on a wedding show, looking for brides in need of help with their honeymoon. Every time we set up a table like this, we have to be optimistic that we will find somebody that will need our services. That our business will make somebody happy and less stressful with their new life preparations.



We are optimistic that we can help create memories, moments and travel stories that will last forever.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Optimistic

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My “Aventuras Maya” Adventure


I can’t believe it’s been a month since my time in Cancun, and I haven’t write anything about my “Aventuras Maya’s” adventure… It has been a busy past few weeks with all the Christmas presentation rehearsals, working my two jobs, family and more. Now after a week after the new year started I am ready to continue with my goals and my travel stories.


On Our last day in Cancun we had the opportunity to experience one of the many things that the Riviera Maya have to offer. Of the many options they gave us I choose “Aventuras Maya” where we were going to snorkel in three different sites and zip-line.

Waiting for our ride
Waiting for our ride


The first thing we did in our adventure day was going to a cavern Cenote to have our first swim in cold, clear, blue waters.


Our guide
Our guide






Our second part of our adventure was in an open Cenote where we did zip-line to the water, we has a “fish pedicure” and snorkel.







We left this area, got in the bus and went to an ocean inlet (Caleta). Here we swam and snorkel through the cold fresh and salty waters. There is a point where the fresh water combines with the salt water and under the water you see a blurry effect. Also in this area we saw more fishes for the same reason, more salt water.

For some reason it was harder for me to get in this water, I felt it even colder than the one in the close cenote. After swimming for a bit and going closer to the ocean I start feeling warm water under and cold on top. Of course also while moving and exercising you don’t feel cold at all. This swim was really a good exercise because when we were coming back to our start point we were swimming against the current, so much more effort in our swimming.









Then we went to another park where we had lunch. Rest for a little bit while light rain refresh us.

We were ready for our last part of the adventure…zip-line!




Check my video, here you will see the zip-line ride.



It was my first time doing zip-line. I had so much fun! If you do it some day let me tell you, that the hardest part is going up the stairs :b

Here are some more pics of another cenote.







I hope you enjoy my adventure! You can have all these adventure as well and have your own travel stories. Aventuras Maya’s offer other activities too, like rappelling, visit to the ruins of Tulum, swim with turtles, swim with dolphins, drive ATV’s and more. You can combine and customize your experience.

Can you see yourself having an adventure like this? Contact me for more information.

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