Danube River Specialist

During this past months I had experienced an overload of information running through my brain while learning all about the industry of travel. I want to be well inform of what I can offer to my clients. Also this new view and information is giving me the tools that I need for my new future adventure, and story. One of the suppliers that I decided to know better is Viking River Cruises, and I have to say I am fascinated! Now I am a Viking River specialist with 6 certifications from them.

Danube River

Europe second longest river, and run across 10 countries. Viking River Cruises offers different itinerary options of how to enjoy this magnificent river, it’s countries and views. Viking Cruises gives you a wonderful view of history, culture and scenery like no other.

A good way to start knowing Viking Cruises is going and experience it. That is why I can not let my overload of information stay only in my brain, I have to share it and I have to live it,and then later on I will write about it too. Saying that I choose to explore culture and history with the Romantic Danube itinerary. I can’t wait for 2016 and live Eight days, 6 guided tours, and 3 countries with Viking River Cruises. Still I am working on some little details on exactly when I am going, but something is for sure, it is going to happen.

If you are interested on having an experience like this or want to know other itineraries thar Viking Cruises offers, let me know, we can dream together and make our own travel stories. Help me put in practice my overload of information.

Xamara L Maisonet


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