Playful at Southern Hill Fall

Sunflowers makes me happy. I was looking for a place to take a self-portrait for a photography class. I am usually never in front of the camera but this time I did not have a choice. My assignment was to be able to represent who I am.

Xamara Maisonet,,,

Xamara Maisonet,,,

Sunflowers are always facing the sun, they look for light. I am always looking for light in my life, happiness, positivity and beauty. When I say beauty I mean beauty in life. The image above is the one I used for my assignment. I decided to cover part of my face, like wearing a mask because it is what we are living right now.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Express Yourself

My kitty have a unique way of expressing his curiosity. This lovely feature of been so curios for everything is adorable. There is nothing in the house that he will not explore.

So lately every time we take the dry laundry out of the dryer he hops in to the dryer… Just to be there for a few minutes and then he leaves. 🙂





Weekly Photo Challenge: Express Yourself

Until then!
xamlinnette 🙂