First Impression of Flåm, Norway

Before I had the opportunity to laid eyes on these gorgeous sights, I dreamt over and over to be at this fascinating beauty sometime in my life. I was inspired by other bloggers, travel magazines, social media posts and my own obsessive search about this place and Norway in general. Well, I finally had the chance to see Flåm with my own eyes. The Tuesday morning of September 17 the first thing I did after waking up was going to the balcony of our cruise room and witness exquisite beauty all around me.

The fog, the tranquil waters, the water falls, the huge mountains and green grass were all part of the enchanted picturesque scenery that you see everywhere. I was in a delightful paradise, I loved it even more.

Later that day we went to visit a Viking Village where we learned details about their lifestyle, kind of contradictory of the peacefulness that Flåm projects. I will share,more of the Viking Village in another post.

How TravelmyStories was born?


Before I ever dream about travelmyStories, long time ago everything started with a divorce, no cable in my new place, Rick Steve, and a notebook where I started to write how I felt to let all my frustrations out.

I learned that from every bad experience something good come out of it. My circumstances back then,sure didn’t look any good. After my divorce my budget was limited. I didn’t have cable TV on my little apartment. The weekends that my kids were with their dad, I watched public TV. There was Rick Steve for me all weekend…literally. I didn’t have anything else to see, PBS was the only thing I had, and for some reason during the weekends the Rick Steve programs were on all they long. At the begin it was a whatever moment for me, but later I started dreaming and traveling with Rick Steve every weekend. 
At the same time I learned to love writing, when writing was my only way to express my troubles of that time. Without noticing my writings looked like poems or romantic thoughts. They had some kind of rhythm. I share them with some people. I continue writing songs, stories for church dramas and more. One day a friend of mine ask me why I didn’t write a blog. The rest is history. I took a while to be what it is now, but that is how everything started,that is the origin of my blog.
Now, how I combine that with the travel side of Travelmystories?
Traveling stayed in my mind like a dream. I thought it was going to be impossible for me to travel, as a single mom and two kids. I didn’t see it happening. Still I tried to explore a little close to home (Florida). Vacation has always be a big deal to me even if we “travel” around the corner. Then I met my husband, a pilot that loved traveling but didn’t do it much because didn’t want to do it alone. 
Together we filled each others empty spaces and we travel. 
TravelmyStories still a dream, because I can’t yet travel as much as I want, still a dream because I still not inspiring to travel all the people I want. Still a dream because I can’t quit my job yet. But that is the reason I became a travel agent, and that is how travelmystories is my little travel agency as well. That is the origin of 

Until then,
xamlinnette 🙂

Traveling for a Good Cause


Traveling is one of my top priorities right now in my life . There are various reason of why I want to travel, some are kind of selfish, but one of the biggest reason is to share and inspire others. When I hear other people’s travel stories, I get so inspire that sometimes I feel like leaving everything behind and run to meet the world. I am definitely, so ready to encounter other cultures and enriched my live with “newstories” to tell. One of my dreams of finding “newstories” is for me to write about this stories in a form of a script to present them in the theater… is one of the things do 🙂

My daughter Jadzia is only 15 years old and she is dreaming of her first travel by herself. The difference of her traveling dream is that doesn’t have any selfishness on it.  My daughter wants to serve other people in need. She didn’t care where. The youth from our church goes every year to missions to serve other countries in need. For years they had gone to Mexico, Costa Rica, Haiti to mention some places.  This year they have 4 groups of young people, going to 4 different places. Mexico, Peru, Guyana and St. Lucia, the last 3 are new places that our youth are going to visit for the first time this year. My daughter, Jadzia was assign to go to St. Lucia.

This could be an experience that could change her life for ever. While tourist will be seen the good side of St. Lucia, she will be helping people and comunities in need. St. Lucia is a very touristic place, and that’s what people knows about this little island. Most of us don’t know the other side of the story about this beautiful eastern Caribbean Island. There is a lot of need, there is poverty and that is where this group of young teenagers are going to be working on.

If you want to be part of this incredible opportunity, you can help my daughter fund her trip by cliking the link below.  Also you can read her letter and see what she has to say. Traveling will have a whole diffrent meaning this time, I am pretty sure that many “newstories” will come out after this trip. Help her make a diffrence in this contry of St. Lucia.

Thank you so much!
xamlinnette 🙂

Dream with Me! Dreaming with the South Coast of Portugal

20140226-150749.jpgTo plan my next big trip, first I have to dream about it. It’s not official yet, it is just in my head for now…I would like to go back to Portugal, this time to visit the south coast. In my dream I want to rent a car and drive all the coastline from Lisbon to at least Faro, so that  includes but not limit Sagres, Lagos, Albuferia and Faro. In other words all the Algarve region. If we do this trip will be at the end of the year, maybe October or November 2014.

Meanwhile, see why I am dreaming about this!

Azores PortugalFaro PortugalAlbufeira PortugalSagres PortugalSagresThe End Of the World Sagres

I only can sigh at this views. My heart beats faster…jaja! I need a vacation! Until then lets dream of our next “newstory”.


xamlinnette 🙂

Praia da Marinha, Algarve, Portuga

Lagos AlgarvePortuguese_beach_Algarve