Crowd and Magical Fireworks

Memories of a cool night at Magic Kingdom back in January 5, 2018. When been close to people it was not a big issue. Back when we used to breath the same air without been afraid or concern of each other.

Enjoy the colorful fireworks and the silhouettes of the crowd.

I can’t wait to do this again! Have you been in Disney World and experience a magical night like this one?

July photo a day challenge, day 16: Crowd

xamlinnette 🙂

It was the first time, and it wouldn’t be the last.

It was the fist time in my life that I traveled, I was 18 years old and it wouldn’t be the last. Twenty five years later I can testify that, that trip to Disney World wasn’t my last.

Back then, I lived in Puerto Rico and I had never traveled before. I used to dream about Disney World, it was like a fantasy to me. The whole concept of traveling to the US it was like a dream. I never imagine back then that eight years later I was going to be living permanently in Orlando Florida. If I never imagine that, less I imagine that I was going to be working everyday on Disney property. Back then was a dream, this day is my every day life thing.
It was my first time traveling and it was my first time at Disney World, and definitely hasn’t been the last. That was just the beginning of Travelmystories I just didn’t know it back then. 


In some of the pictures we were at Universal Studios. Actually on that vacation we stayed at Central Florida for 3 weeks and we visited all the parks including Bush Garden in Tampa. My family always took us on vacation, but in Puerto Rico. We visited many places and stayed in different towns during our vacation. But this special one, was our first family vacation in the US. Thank God for cameras, and albums we have now great memories to re-live.
Where did you go on your first travel?
Until then,

Weekly Photo Challenge: Dance II

Dance required movements and coordination, it has a rhythm. Dance it’s an expression. Is a language, it can communicate a feeling, a situation. It talks without words.

The other day I was at Hollywood Studios, Orlando FL and watched the Indiana Jones show. I don’t remembering sitting so close before. I was able to appreciate the movements and coordination of these actors.  The rhythm between them in their performance is incredible. Well, I see here a form of dance.


Check  out the video for you to appreciate the movements and coordination a little better. Maybe this will motivate you to visit us in Orlando Florida and have fun visiting the parks. 😀

Until then,

xamlinnette 🙂

Weekly photo Challenge: Dance II

Magic Kingdom Dosen’t Get Old

Last Saturday I had the delightful privilege of having fun with a part of my Theater team at Disney World. We spent most of the time in Magic Kingdom. Is not doubt about it that when you are with a group of friends time flies with laughter and jokes. And no doubt about it also that Disney brings the young person within you.

We decided to take the ferry instead the monoriel to get to the magical park.






If you don’t take pictures in front of the castle might as well say that you didn’t go to Magic Kingdom. So here are our front of the castle pics!






One of the best part of my day was when we ask to a guy in front of us on a line that take a picture of us as a group so I could be in the picture.

Without me, I took this pic.




Our photographer told us to do something funny


And out of nowhere he decided to a selfie with us! I couldn’t stop laughing.

We had a wonderful time, later at night we went to Hollywood Studios were we had just the perfect time to go to Tower of Terror and Rock’n Roller Coaster.

Have you ever been with a large group of people in a park like Disney World?

Until then,

xamlinnette 🙂