Been A Tourist Is Not A Bad Thing

 I don’t know why travelers see the word tourist with a bad connotation. Tourist means someone who travel for pleasure. Travelers and tourist both travel for pleasure. Now, the motive behind that pleasure might be different. I looked up the difference between a traveler and a tourist, and my conclusion base on what I read is that a tourist is on a fast pace schedule with a camara trying to cover as much as they can in a short period  of time. A traveler don’t have a schedule, they submerged themselves on the culture, they try to blend in with the locals, they are not in a hurry. I get it and I understand it too. I have a heart of a traveler but giving the circumstances, I am a tourist everywhere I go. I work full-time, my vacation time is limited. I get excited with every new place I visit, which I wish I can stay for ever but I can’t. Because I can’t, I carry my camara to glimpse as much as I can of everything I see in the limited time I have. For now until I quit my job, I can only have a heart of a traveler and just be a tourist. I know there are people that they are only tourist and for ever they will be tourist, no heart of a traveler. But you know what? That’s ok too. 

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Cap Canaille in Cassis, France

One of the highlights of Marseille is its Calanques. They are rock formations that forms narrow, steep-walled inlets with crystal blue water. Some of this Calanques are only accessible by boat. 
We were visiting the region of Cassis part of Marseille. We traveled through these rocky mountains until we arrived at Cassis. We stroll around the picturesque little town full of color. The market was open and the streets were full of people. We walked to the beach, looked to our left, and there it was this giant rock. Is the highest sea cliff of France and we were able to touch it.
Cap Canaille is one of many Calanques in the South of France.
In the above map you can see the many Calanques. If you like hiking or rock climbing this are perfect places to do so. Another thing you can do is take a boat to the ones that are only accessible by this method, you can find a kayak tour too. The water is so clear! And what about the gorgeous scenery of blue water and high cliff rocky mountains? It will take your breath away.
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Daily Prompt: Mountain


Viceroy Butterfly posing for me.
Viceroy Butterfly posing for me
Viceroy Butterfly posing for me

Lately I had been participating on butterfly surveys. Were we have to count and identify butterflies on a certain pathway. We can find butterflies everywhere we go, we might not pay attention that they are there. Since I been participating on this survey I am more aware of my surroundings and see they playful butterflies everywhere now. 

Gulf fritillary
Gulf fritillary
Gulf fritillary posing for me.

For some people watching  butterflies and identifying them is a hobby. There are other people who like to have butterflies in their garden. For that, they buy the right plants to have a beautiful display of them around their garden. That way they can enjoy their playful behavior and I say that because of their cute way of moving around, flapping their wings and jumping up and down.

If you are in Central Florida and enjoyed this kind of activities you should visit Lucas Nursery the Butterfly Encounter.
Another place you can go, but this one is in South Florida close to Fort Lauderdale, to have a butterfly experience is Butterfly World.

Another way of enjoying the playful butterflies is just paying attention when you are out there walking in the park or just outside. All the pictures and video in this post are my own encounter with the playful creatures. I don’t have more because they are to hyper to pose for me 😉.
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Traveling through Washington DC on a Hop on Hop off bus. See here the Washington Monument 
adorn in the sky by hundreds of kites.
A peculiar view.
A sky full of kites
Seen the kites on the skies were a surprise for us. We were not expecting it. 
Sometimes when you travel you have to open your senses and expect something that you were not expecting. 
That is one of the beauty of traveling. Capturing a moment that just came and the best thing of it is enjoy it. 
On this occasion was a sky full of kites... 
Have you experience something on one of your travels that you were not expecting? 

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In response to the daily prompt, Sky