How people celebrate Christmas Eve in Fort Lauderdale?

Come take a look! I was walking Christmas Eve afternoon around Fort Lauderdale beach and found that plenty of people like to hang at the beach during the holiday. The restaurants and bars were full, the walkway by the side of the beach was embracing the different characters that were just hanging there and the beach was happy that people considered it as a choice to spend the day. Let’s take a look.

image-3    image-1image-5image-6image-8image-11image-12

Taking a picture is part of the fun when you are out in a place. Taking pictures is a part of the every day life for us. People love to document what they do, they love to share it to! 😉

Like all these people I was there too and taking pictures. But I wanted to see them, having fun and enjoying life!


Until them,



Christmas Presentation: “Christmas In My Country”

I been busy for the last two weeks with our Christmas presentation “Navidad En Mi Pais” (Christmas In My Country). Finally last night we had our first presentation, on Sunday we will repeat it.

For me is always an honor to work with great people, committed to bring the best. The play is in Spanish but still I wanted to share with you few pics of our rehearsals, some from last night and a link of the participation of our youth (super cool).

The preparation for this presentation was keeping me from blogging, but it was a great cause.

Our play is about a puertorrican family that lives in US and every year they get together with friends that lives here too, but they are from another country. They get together to celebrate Christmas bringing something to share from their country with everybody on a karaoke night.

The main message is that doesn’t matter how we celebrate our Christmas traditions on any part of the world we are honoring the same baby Jesus and the hope that He brought to this world.

Here are some pics of our last rehearsal.













Check out this video of our youth participating in the “karaoke Night”


Here are more pictures of the actual play. I didn’t take these pics, I was directing the play and is impossible for me to be doing so many things at the same time while the play is running. But at least you can see how many people we had on stage in one presentation. We had some singing, dancing, acting, kids, youth, the choir and much more, all of that we a touch of comedy.






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xamlinnette 🙂


Life Is A Travel Story

Its been almost 2 weeks since I haven’t had the time to sit and write anything of my travels stories, but I realize that everything I do is a travel story. My own travel story because life is a journey. Being a full-time employee, a full-time mom/taxi driver/chef/ everything else, a volunteer writer and director of the theater department of my church, a future wife ( in 16 days!!)fill my days of situations, encounters, joy, stress, happiness, sadness and many other feelings that travel could bring to our life.


Running against a deadline, lately my time has been compromise to my iPad, my imagination and Christmas. Every little space of time that I have on my working day I write a sentence or two. Listening to the songs over and over again to be sure my imagination grasp the essence of the message we want to send through that script.


Every year for Christmas I collaborate with the Performance Art Ministry of my church for the Christmas presentation. They pick the general idea and the songs, I write the script and put everything together with the actors. The results will be a Christmas musical where we will have dancers, musicians, singers, actors all together in a stage celebrating Christmas. Promoting the Good News!


Finally I finished the script two days ago and soon we will start the rehearsals, but first this next weekend we are going to a wedding in New York. I am pretty sure that some stories will come from that little trip.


After that the 17 of October 2014 Jorge and me (with my kids) will launch our new journey in life together. A life committed to each other. New projects will come, more stories to tell…

The 19 of October we will leave to Genoa for a 10 days cruise in the Mediterranean, so you know of what I am going to be writing in the next few months!!! 🙂


Until then,

xamlinnette 🙂






A Special Greeting for Anytime of the Year, Express Yourself Through a Movie Clip!

holiday images

I invite you to read my new article! You can find a new way of sending greeting cards for all kind of occasion.  We are in holiday season, what a great time to try this new way of expressing your self! Check it out! Hope you like it.

A Special Greeting for Anytime of the Year, Express Yourself Through a Movie Clip!.love-actually-to-me-you-are-perfect

Until then…

xamlinnette 🙂


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