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At this moment I am working on different blog posts from my trip to Canada but they are not ready yet. Besides been a travel agent, a traveler, and a blogger, I am also a biologist. I appreciate nature, I love to see the details of how life works. So when I am not traveling or writing, I like to explore on my own backyard (close to home) and take pictures. This is part of my stories, of the little things I enjoy. Little things that anybody can enjoy too on their own backyard(hometown) if they are not able to travel.

On Friday, after dinner my husband and me want for a walk at Kissimmee Lakefront Park by the Lake Tohopekaliga. We saw some baby alligators… 
Today (Sunday) I went again, but this time a little earlier than Friday. After eating I went for a walk to get rid of some of the calories I ate and to take pictures of more of the local residents at the same park that I had mention. Well I found some mama birds feeding their little ones. Come take a look.
DSC00551 DSC00547 DSC00554 DSC00555

Well that is all for now. Enjoy life! Nature speak for itself of  the great place we live and the blessing of life. I hope I will have my Canada trip post ready to share with you soon, about a great vacation in a short time.

Until then,

xamlinnette 🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge: Half-Light

On our way from Kissimmee to Miami for a little gateway, we were waving goodbye to this gigantic cloud that carried tons of water and lighting within.  Between light and darkness we were glad not to be driving to the cloud but away from it.  We were in perfect position “half-light” away.




Weekly Photo Challenge: Half-Light

Until then,

xamlinnette 🙂


Playa Linda, Central Florida Beach

Pretty Beach! That’s the name in English, but this past Memorial weekend it was only pretty to see from shore. All Florida East Coast had a warning issue for rough waves and a rip current alert. Despite the alerts people still got in the water.



In the other hand I decided to listen to the warnings and stayed dry but enjoying the sounds of the waves. While been kissed by the sun I studied a little of my travel agent work book, took some pics and even I was forced by my eyes to take a quick nap while I was trying to read.






One of the many perks of living in Central Florida is all the beaches we have in a relatively short distance and even I couldn’t enjoy the water this time it will be plenty of time for me to do it. 

It is always better to listen the advises and warnings that are issued by the weather authorities. Unfortunately I heard this morning that three people were drowned during this Memorial Weekend because of the rip currents. It’s not worth it the risk! There always going to be another day to enjoy the beach without any issues.

If someday you want a vacation in Florida let me know! I can help you book any kind of vacation you want here, from Magical (Disney) to a simple get-away weekend!

Ok until then,

xamlinnette 🙂








Travel My Story on My Job

I recently shared that I changed my duties at work, changing from a department to another after 6 years. I basically changed from been most of the time in a laboratory running samples, to collect the samples to be run.

Now I have the opportunity to have contact with areas of my city that not many people have. Now, even in the city I can see the “inner jungle” of it, no matter have much development it has. Still there is a place out there with stillness and quite, pure and natural.

Here see the reflexion of raw beauty. Glass dark waters reflect undisturbed nature, than only few can see.

Come on in and ride with me!



I hope you enjoyed the ride,

until then

xamlinnette 🙂