My Afternoon Trip to Lukas Nursery

Continuing with my search for things to do in my hometown of Central Florida I went to visit Lukas Nursery last Sunday afternoon. I have shared before with you that I am participating on butterflies surveys, but that doesn’t mean that I know butterflies. I am learning about them a little bit more now. I want to keep learning more about them, beside that I love to take pictures of them. I like to go back to the pictures and see the details of them that you can not notice when they fly by. If you pay attention and look closely them is like watching a little alien, or a beautiful monster.

I am a person of details, I think details are important to make something ordinary, unique. I like to apply that concept on everything, even when we talk about travel. The details of your travel are the ones that will make your experience unique.
Can you see the proboscis of this ⬆️ little fellow inside the flower? But it’s so little that if you don’t pay attention you won’t notice this magic event. I got some sugar juice in my finger and the little guy just jump to my finger to have a little taste. They taste by their feet!
This ⬇️ little guy is Atala and is very common in South Florida.

Let me introduced to you our Florida state butterfly:
Zebra longwing 
Ok for the next butterfly I did a whole photo shoot out it! I had to follow it all over the place, of course very cautiously, to be able to take these pictures. Some of the pictures you will sense some kind of movement because it was moving a lot. It was flapping its giant wings while having a good meal.


 But for a moment my little colorful friend stoped and stayed still. It spead its wings like in a perfect formation. I took advantage of 
the perfect moment.  The giant swallowtail is the largest butterfly in Canada and United States.
Did you notice that my butterfly “model” is missing a piece of the left bottom wing? This kind of details are the once that you can notice only when you pay attention.
To finish let’s enjoy the pretty color combination that the next two have with their close wings.
Polydamas Swallowtail ⬆️

Black Swallowtail ⬆️ These two did not want to open their wings for me…
That was pretty much my Sunday afternoon, chasing butterflies at Lukas Nursery Butterfly Encounter to take pictures of them. 
Until then,
xamlinnette 🙂


Viceroy Butterfly posing for me.
Viceroy Butterfly posing for me
Viceroy Butterfly posing for me

Lately I had been participating on butterfly surveys. Were we have to count and identify butterflies on a certain pathway. We can find butterflies everywhere we go, we might not pay attention that they are there. Since I been participating on this survey I am more aware of my surroundings and see they playful butterflies everywhere now. 

Gulf fritillary
Gulf fritillary
Gulf fritillary posing for me.

For some people watching  butterflies and identifying them is a hobby. There are other people who like to have butterflies in their garden. For that, they buy the right plants to have a beautiful display of them around their garden. That way they can enjoy their playful behavior and I say that because of their cute way of moving around, flapping their wings and jumping up and down.

If you are in Central Florida and enjoyed this kind of activities you should visit Lucas Nursery the Butterfly Encounter.
Another place you can go, but this one is in South Florida close to Fort Lauderdale, to have a butterfly experience is Butterfly World.

Another way of enjoying the playful butterflies is just paying attention when you are out there walking in the park or just outside. All the pictures and video in this post are my own encounter with the playful creatures. I don’t have more because they are to hyper to pose for me 😉.
Until then,
xamlinnette 🙂 
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Something To Think About!


It is incredible how nature give us the example that not everything that you see at first, it’s the real thing… These butterflies for example, when the wings are closed they are simple brown butterflies, probably won’t catch your attention but if you stay for a little longer it will share with you it’s true beauty!

The photos were taken at the National Museum of Natural History in the Live Butterfly Pavilion in Washington, D.C., United States of America. By me 🙂

Until then,

xamlinnette 🙂




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