New Orleans Street Art

One of the street artist. I actually bought one of her pictures, and I loved it!

Art is a magnificent way of expressing and share with other talent, and silent words and much much more.

July photo a day challenge, day 26: Art

Eight Unique Sculptures for the City of Orlando

On November 18, 2013 while the clock was ticking, the clouds and the movements of time were running ,we were part of history while it was written. Around 5:30 pm the inaugural ceremony of the implementation of the eight public art sculptures was happening. Not many people were around but while the sun was leaving, more people gather to listen to the one of the sponsors Bright House Network, the Mayor of Orlando, and the artist of the Global Convergence piece of art, Deedee Morrison .

Once the public announcement was finished, three lucky people won some raffles ( TV, One year free subscription to Bright House, and an iPad). We were not that lucky but still happy to be there and ready to explore and meet the new family of Downtown Orlando. Here I show the map, the order of the pictures is in the order that we did our walking tour. In each location they had a gathering with drinks, postcards, music and more. It was a great experience!

The brochure map.


Global Convergence by Deedee Morrison


Centered by C.J. Rench

Cedar of Lebanon by Jacob Harmeling

Monument in Right Feet Major by Todji Kurtzman


The artist of Monument in Right Feet Major, Todji Kurtzman

Union by Ralfonso Gschwend

Take Flight by Douwe Blumberg



The Muse of Discovery by Meg White


Astrogenesis II by Wendy Ross


Now you can come visit Orlando and not only have a picture with Micky Mouse or Cinderella. From your vacation you have to make some time to come to Downtown Orlando. Have dinner in one or the many restaurants that the city offer, have a walk by Lake Eola and take many pictures with our great modern art that now decor our beautiful city. If you want to know more about the artist may read my article here 🙂 ‎ at By the way, my favorite sculpture is Take Flight it looks so pretty at night with the lights reflecting on the lake, the birds look amazing. Which is your favorite? Let me know.

Until then…

xamlinnette 🙂

The Art of Music

art of musicBeautiful sounds that travel across the space, surfing across my ears and caressing my mind.

Making me dream the most amazing moments, filling the emptiness of a thirsty soul.

Music, sounds, beauty, notes full of power. Power to change a mood, an environment, power to change people, power to change lives.

Notes full of colors that a blind soul can see

It makes me dream

It makes me cry

It makes my heart realize that I am in love of this powerful art